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Daniel Munderville
Joined: April 4, 2021

 I don't think Global Syn Turf for the website that they have to educate the do-it-yourself Turf installer. I really wanted to save money on my artificial turf installed because the quotes I got were very expensive. So I decided to look up some information online on how to install the turf myself and I came across the Global Syn Turf website. This website was very clear and decisive and how to go about installing artificial turf on your own. It goes as far as telling you the materials and tools needed not to mention the cost calculator of estimating the cost and the amount of the materials you need to do the job. They had other calculators that help you measure your yard and tell you how much artificial turf you're going to need to do the installation. It also helps you figure out the cost Savings of installing artificial turf versus paying a gardener and water bills and replacing sod and sprinkler heads. No other website came close to giving me the information I needed to do an artificial turf install myself. I want to thank Global Syn Turf for being so innovative with the technology on their website.