Joined: May 5, 2024

I have a tiny house and a huge backyard with lots of weeds. I purchased over 500 sq ft of this turf last June to try it out. The color has remained nice, and there are no weeds. I have now purchased more to finish the rest of the yard. It's a hefty purchase, especially for a large area, but I'm super happy with it! Not having to deal with weeds is worth it, and it makes the backyard look so much better.

As a homeowner in Hartford County, CT, I wanted a turf that could handle our varied weather and still look great. GST's Cashmere 40 was the answer! It's incredibly soft and luxurious underfoot, which is a big hit with the family. The resilience and lush appearance have survived through seasonal changes beautifully. Plus, the minimal upkeep frees up my weekends. Really pleased with how it enhances our outdoor living space!

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