Olga Berkey
Joined: March 3, 2020

The Putt 60 Bi Color is the most popular putting green among my customers. It is definitely top of the line within the entire industry, with good density, vibrant color, and smooth feel for golfing.

What is the best way to install artificial turf? Are nails better than glue? What accessories do I need to ensure I do a good job? Do you recommend installing it by myself or hiring a professional? What should I look for if I do look for a professional?

Turf has become very popular these past few years, especially in California. Our company focuses mainly on residential landscaping we've noticed a large spike in the number of customers requesting artificial grass. Luckily,we found GST, who kindly provided samples for us. I was pleasantly surprised with how much selection there was to choose from as well, since different customers sought after different types of turf. The price of the turf is on point as well, remaining competitive with the other suppliers in the industry. However, I will always use GST as my main supplier because of how much selection they have.