Randy Bussie
Joined: February 2, 2020

My backyard doesn't look good due to some cracked pavement. When I had the budget and time to renovate it, I thought about having artificial grass this time, to make it look different and green. Besides, I don't want to have cracked pavement anymore. I read that artificial grass last for 25 years max so I opted to it. I contacted an installer to ask some advise. I told him I want to have some nice artificial grass for my backyard and build a mini golf course too because I love playing golf. They gave me two types of artificial grass: The Emerald 92 stemgrass for the pavement and this Pro-Putt 44 for my gold course. It took them 3 days to install since they designed the golf course. I tested it out right away and I love how my golf ball rolled on the grass. Now, I love how my backyard looks. I would definitely spend much of my free time here.

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