Robert Simeone
Joined: January 1, 2020

As an owner of a 15-year old pup, we used to buy fresh patch grass a month as he would always have a hard time walking on a wooden floor and slips on most surfaces due to his Luxating patella and back problems condition. 

However, the grass would only work for two weeks or so and he could hardly keep his balance in a tiny little box especially now that he is remarkably older.   So when we moved back to our apartment in Eastvale, CA after living in a house with a front yard for years, we have decided to invest in GST's Riviera Monterey-50 as it looks promising based on the reviews and recommendations I received.

We added zeolite infills during installation which took about 2 days, but it was worth it because he immediately LOVED it. He roams around it most of the day, naps out there, and has learned to pee and poo there after a few days. It's also really easy to clean because I was just throwing water on top and then it drains immediately. It saved us a lot of money and it's a perfect match for our furbaby! 


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