Shawn Pellin
Joined: March 3, 2020

I used to have a natural lawn with a tree that I love so much (it's one of the reasons we bought the house) but overtime, the natural grass just stopped growing. We used to cut it very short as I always want my lawn to look neat and clean as well as keep it dry most of the time as we love staying there especially in the afternoons. According to my local garden center, this habit eventually caused my grasses to stop growing.

We have tried a lot of fertilizers but nothing seemed to work so we eventually just gave up. Until I found out about artificial grasses online, it gave me a little hope. Throughout my search, I have been reading a lot of reviews from Global Syn-turf products that's why I decided to give it a try. It was the best decision ever! It looked so good, the picture does not even do it justice honestly! Also, I loved the fact that my tree is still there! The grass did not harm it at all. I am so happy about my purchase! 

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