All-Natural 75 is not your ordinary fake grass!

Antonio Goldbach

We are getting a new puppy and I want to train her to do her business in a specific spot of our yard. I think it's the perfect spot as it's quite shaded and I wouldn't worry much about her burning her feet in case she needs to go. I live in California and the weather here can be extreme. 

I decided to go for All Natural-75. then placed the order. The delivery went smoothly and the installation only took about a day. I fluffed up the blades with a leaf blower and it looks perfect! My yard was enhanced and I could not believe my eyes. I was only looking for something where I can potty train my dog and this product is so much more than that! I have a very beautiful lawn. without having to do much effort, saves me money and provided me a great spot for my dog-- it's everything I needed! Totally safe for my pup too as it doesn't get too hot. 


Synthetic Grass Installation In Pomona, California
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