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Artificial turf helps my business be famous!

Wes Metchikoff

I have nice area to play lawn tennis at and I decided to rent it to anyone who wants to play. At first, my idea was to use real grass because that is what's common in lawn tennis court. I googled and searched for installers and I came across with artificial grass being used for sports activities. The pictures I saw looks like a real grass that you can't see the difference. I researched about it and I realized the advantages of artificial grass: less maintenance and no dying grass. I decided to give it a go and advised the installer that I want to use that instead of the real grass. They recommended to use Putt-60 bicolor since it's the common one used for sports field, plus the blades are not too slippery. The installation took 3 days and the outcome is exceptional! It's been a week since the installation was done and my business is now up and the reservations of the court is almost half the month already. I'm receiving good feedback from my customers saying that my lawn is perfect, without them knowing that it's actually an artificial grass! :D

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That must been a good business you invested in. :)
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