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I have my artificial lawn installed almost 5 years ago in Palo Alto, still ok.

Robert Davis

Riviera 65 is the product I chose about 5 years ago, the installer did a great job on the installation, very knowledgeable crew, in and out. I live in Palo Alto, the yard is small, but we are on the turf all the time, after 5 years of heavy usage, the grass still holding up ok. At first, I tried to keep the grass to stand up by brushing them, later I just give up: we are on it too much, and even with the turf being matted down, they still look ok to me, still better looking than my neighbors' real grass which shows a lot of brownish spots. I also liked that fact of not having to have my landscaper coming to cut the grass anymore, used to pay every two weeks to cut the grass.

Like real grass.
Riviera Monterey Artificial Grass 65 oz.
Riviera Monterey-65