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Thanks for the install

Mission Viejo California
Julie Vartanian

I want to thank Global Syn Turf for all their help and patience with my backyard artificial turf project.  I am so picky and particular with everything and I know I may seam difficult at times.  My great experience with Global Syn Turf started with a very nice Sales Rep at Global Syn Turf named Clint.  He was very smart and very informative about artificial grass.  He sent me some samples and made recommendations that were very helpful to me.  I was torn between the Super Sierra 94 and the Super Natural 80 and din't know what to do.  Clint referred me to The Global Syn Turf Distributor and Installer in Orange County.  This is where I met Joe and he sent me to 8 different turf installations that used the Super Sierra 94 and the Super Natural 80.  This told the real story, after seeing the artificial turf installed I was convinced the Super Natural 80 was the turf for me.  Joe is the most attentive installer and once again was very patience with how particular I am.  He took the time to really explain exactly was the procedure and the process would be installing my artificial turf yard.  He told me exactly how high the turf would be over the hardscape, how much tear out he was taking out, how much base he would use, how compacted the base would be, what he was going to do with the sprinklers, how well he would clean when the job was done, what time he and his crews would show up and leave each day.  Joe was my guy and followed through with everything he promised.  I would refer Global Syn Turf and the Orange County dealer installer Joe anytime.

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