The Star Grass 35 is a game changer!

Bonny Furcron

Of all the stores I have checked, I purchased my synthetic grass from Global Syn-Turf because it was the best price for a significant margin. We live in Denver and we had the Star Grass 35 installed to our backyard in just 2 days. 

So far, so good! My dog used to leave dirty paw prints whenever it rains or snows and the process of cleaning it up takes so much time and effort. Since it was installed, it changed our whole routine. My dog now walk across it before entering the house, resulting in less dirt for me to clean up!  After three years, I finally have more time to dedicate myself to work on other tasks. 

My dog love it so much that he almost never want to come back inside the house-- it has become his favorite spot! He just wants to play in it all day. Moreover, I do not need to worry so much about cleaning it because it's already beautiful, I just occasionally use a leaf rake to remove some leaves and rocks that gets piled up over time. 

I highly recommend this product to anyone. Beyond any doubts, it's a great investment. Now I have the best backyard in the neighbourhood!


Fake Grass for Dogs Mountain View, California
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