This is one of best putting greens turf on the market!

Mike Bagwell

I spent more than a year looking for the best possible putting green products before I pulled the trigger on this one! It is clearly one of the best products at a very reasonable price point. The color is just right, and we have the installer to put in the shock pad underneath the turf so I have more cushioning. At the beginning, I didn't let the installer to put any sand infills in the putting green turf, as I really like the color and was told that adding infills can change the look a bit. However, the putting speed on the non-infilled artificial putting green was only about 11, I wanted it faster, so I added the green color infill sands (I believe it was 30 mesh, very fine stuff), guess what, the more I add the sands, the faster the ball travels, I believe I added about 2 pounds per soft on average, and I now get 13-14 on the speed, absolutely like it. The price point for this product is just right, it is not the most expensive one on the market for sure, but for what I need, the price is a bargain!
I bet playing golf here must be fun!
Looks good, I hope the picture was taken without the shading.