Turf Companies

Hayward California
Charla Goza

I have done a lot of research trying to find the right artificial grass company.  There are so many companies out there who try to claim they are the manufacturer.  I found that not to be true.  I found that their are only a handful of companies that actually manufacture the grass.  The rest of the companies buy the turf from a manufacturer and claim to be the manufacturer.  This is a very dishonest business practice.  Well I did the research and I have the answers.  Global Syn Turf is one of the largest manufactures of Artificial Grass I found.  They have their own factories and offer a true manufacturer's warranty.  Global Syn Turf has distributors all over the country that offer the Global Syn Turf brand.  If you go to their website you will see they have all the current updated Specification Sheets and Testing for all of their turfs.  Be careful out their when looking for the right turf company.  I hope my hours of research helps shoppers out there find the right company.  

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