Turf Installation Went Well

Waco Texas
Eddie Gapp

I am a Do It Yourself kind of person and do most of the projects around our house.  I wanted artificial turf in our backyard and he said he would take care of it.  I called Global Syn-Turf to purchase turf and get installation instructions for my backyard.  Global Syn-Turf sent me a long series of training video.  I watched every one of the videos and came to the conclusion that it was to much work and he did not have the expertise to do it himself.  Then I called Global Syn-Turf back and asked if they had an installer in our area.  Global Syn-Turf said they are a manufacturer and not an installer.  They told me they have an artificial turf dealer in Texas that could give me a bid for installation.  The Synthetic grass supplier here in Texas sent out a sales rep to measure our yard and give us a bid to install the artificial turf.  This company was very knowledgeable and helpful.  We ended up giving them a deposit and scheduling an install date.  We had the artificial turf installed yesterday and we are absolutely speechless it looks so good.  I am happy I didn't have to install it, our kids are happy we installed it and I am happy as well.  Thanks Global Syn-Turf for helping us with our project.

Texas Turf