U-Shape Blade artificial turf synthetic grass unique blades design

The U-shape artificial grass fiber was introduced by Global Syn-Turf in 2015 and shortly became an on-the-spot success. The U-shape replicates the texture of the Fescue Grass with a boat-shaped leaf. It has no prominent midrib. This specific design makes grass blades less glossy than most common artificial grass. More prominent in Global Syn-Turf Pet Turf, there are different varieties of U-Blade grass in the performance series.

The U-Blade is one of the most flexible, durable grasses available. It handles heat better than other types of synthetic turf. The full, thick blade has a firm architecture to withstand medium to heavy traffic.

Global Syn-Turf U-Blade family of grasses takes its strength and fiber memory from a high-denier and shape. Temporarily flattened under pressure, the fiber takes its original form immediately after freeing up. During the manufacturing process, the polyethylene is molded in the U-Shape from the get-go; it doesn't lose the stability of the yarn at the post-production. The result is the realistic grass that functions as well as grass used in athletic fields. It's almost impossible to tell the difference between a U-shaped turf, and it's Mother's Nature's adversary. Our performance series U-Blade collection of artificial grass have multicolored blades blended in, producing a naturally variegated lawn. The key to the realistic look is that the U-Blade along with thatching layers looks as imperfect as natural turf.