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Emerald Series

Global Syn-Turf's Emerald Series is a collection of beautiful deep green turf options made with only Emerald Colored blades mixed with brown and green thatching. With a variety of pile heights and face weights to choose from, the Emerald Series is one of the most popular specialty series that GST has to offer. Each turf is perfect for both residential and commercial applications of any size and guaranteed to withstand wear and tear. These luscious, natural-looking options are perfect for backyards, playgrounds, event spaces, and landscapes. Daily maintenance is minimized to a simple hose off of the turf rather than mowing, weeding, watering natural grass lawns to achieve the desired appearance. Easy to clean blades made with resilient, top of the line fibers retain their original shape and position despite applied pressure and up to massive amounts of foot traffic. Emerald Series synthetic turf will transform your property into a lush oasis of beautiful green grass. The deep green of the emerald blades will entice you to spend more time outside enjoying your pristine lawn. In each of these options, the combination of Emerald Green colored blades and brown and green curled thatching creates a vivid masterpiece lawn that will never fade or become patchy and brown.

Global Syn-Turf Emerald Series is an appealing assortment of seven synthetic grass options that are designed for traditional and non-traditional turf applications. When installing turf in areas such as commercial rooftops and patios, spaces that may not have been usable or inviting in the past are now fully functional and enjoyable. Emerald Series turf transforms any unsightly, unused areas into an aesthetically pleasing landscape that everyone will want to enjoy on a daily basis. Global Syn-Turf strives to create a turf that is not only safe for families but also benefits the environment on a larger level. The numerous advantages of installing Emerald Series synthetic turf in both residential and commercial areas can continually be seen in universal applications. Ditching bulky lawn maintenance equipment that pollutes the air, such as lawn mowers, and removing the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides improves the overall conditions of the environment and also allows property owners to have more time and money to devote to other projects. Synthetic turf is proven to decrease the amount of pesticides and fertilizers needed for gardening which reduces the risk of poisoning or dangerous reaction from runoff or exposure to chemicals commonly used on natural grass. Natural grass pollens, insects and unwanted chemicals in your yard will no longer pose hazards to your health which makes synthetic turf especially desirable for parents and pet owners.

Installing Global Syn-Turf Emerald Series will instantly add value and luxury to your property. Your friends and community will marvel at the pristine condition of your yard every day of the year. With the range of face weights and blade heights of each turf featured in the Emerald Series you are guaranteed to find the turf that best suits your budget and property needs.

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