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Artificial Grass Series

Global Syn-Turf has taken artificial grass realism to a whole new level. Our revolutionary series of top-quality, luxurious synthetic turf features a wide range of different colors, textures, and combinations! Choose from single or double-layered thatch to enhance the authentic grass look. Ideal for residential and commercial applications, putting green, or even potty training for your pets! Global Syn-Turf offers exclusive, resilient blades with premium solid construction.

With more than seventy-five turf products to choose from, Global Syn-Turf has artificial grass for any situation, application, or location. Our Performance, Emerald, Mt. Sierra, Evergreen, Putting Green, Patriot, Pet Grass, and Spring series are just a handful of products we offer that are consistently attractive, lavishly green, and consistently cost-effective, requiring little to no maintenance or watering.

Performance Series Artificial Grass

Performance Series Engineered Blades

Performance, or Engineered Blades series of artificial grass by Global Syn-Turf offers durability, resilience and authentic natural look for commercial and residential landscape, sports. playgrounds and pet areas. Unique blade designs determine how well synthetic fiber respond to heat and solar glare, and how resistant it is to stress and heavy foot traffic. Performance series are engineered to withstand constant tension and extreme temperatures.

Emerald Series Artificial Grass Synthetic Turf

Emerald Series

Global Syn-Turf's Emerald Series is a collection of beautiful deep green turf options made with only Emerald Colored blades mixed with brown and green thatching. With a variety of pile heights and face weights to choose from, the Emerald Series is one of the most popular specialty series that GST has to offer. Each turf is perfect for both residential and commercial applications of any size and guaranteed to withstand wear and tear.

Spring Series Artificial Grass

Spring Series

Global Syn-Turf's Spring Series is a bright, vibrant green collection that lives up to its refreshing namesake. The combination of Lime Green and Emerald colored blades creates a multi-tonal turf that mimics the natural shades of fresh new grass. GST's Spring Series is comprised of six turf options that will rejuvenate any dull landscape.

Olive Series Artificial Grass

Olive Series

Global Syn-Turf's Olive Series is a selection of lighter green turf options made with a combination of Olive colored blades mixed with either Emerald or Field Green blades. The variety of color mixtures provides an assortment of choices that will brighten any landscape. With multiple pile heights and face weights to choose from, the Olive Series is one of the more diverse collections that GST has to offer.

Sierra Series Artificial Grass Synthetic Turf

Sierra Series

Global Syn-Turf's Sierra Series is two specially selected artificial turf options that embody the luxury and effortless beauty of natural grass. Field Green and Lime colored blades create a multi-tonal bright green field that mimics the colors found in nature. GST's Sierra Series is luxuriously rich and plush turf created with the highest standards in the industry.