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Artificial Grass Cost Calculator. Water and money you save

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Mt. Sierra Series

Global Syn-Turf's Mt. Sierra Series is two specially selected artificial turf options that embody the luxury and effortless beauty of natural grass. Field Green and Lime colored blades create a multi-tonal bright green field that mimics the colors found in nature. GST’s Mt. Sierra Series is luxuriously rich and plush turf created with the highest standards in the industry. Mt. Sierra Pro-70 and Super Sierra- 94 are perfect for both residential and commercial landscape use and will add the finishing touch to meticulously designed landscapes. This series is guaranteed to withstand extreme weather, wear, and tear for twenty years or more and is backed by GST’s ten-year warranty. Tested by independent labs and proven to be lead-free, GST Mt. Sierra Series is safe for homes with pets and kids who enjoy playing outside in the soft green grass. The Mt. Sierra Series products offers minimal maintenance and is made with top of the line materials that retain their original condition despite in any inclement weather or harsh activity.

With either of the Mt. Sierra Series options you can transform your property into a bright oasis of lush, healthy-looking grass that will inspire you and lighten your daily routine. Both Mt. Sierra Pro-70 and Super Sierra- 94 are specially designed to be environmentally and budget friendly. Synthetic turf is a safe alternative to traditional grass lawns that allows property owners to have a premier lawn with a minimum effort and cost. These dependable choices will drastically decrease the amount of time spent maintaining and caring for your property. The Global Syn-Turf Mt. Sierra Series is a luxurious selection of two special synthetic grass options that are designed for both traditional and non-traditional ground coverings.

Show off your meticulously designed landscape featuring Mt. Sierra Series and take pride in the beauty your lawn will have every day of the year. Each of these two options in this Series is guaranteed to stay pristinely manicured and green all year, relieving property owners from the hassles and inconvenience of constantly maintaining unruly lawns. Global Syn-Turf strives to create the turf that is safe for the environment, and this Series exceeds every expectation. Ditching bulky, expensive lawn equipment saves money and space for storing more important things. Machines such as gas lawnmowers also pollute the air with carbon emissions, and because synthetic grass does not need to be mowed, these emissions are decreased. Global Syn-Turf’s Mt. Sierra Series also decreases troublesome grass pollens, pesky insects, bugs and unwanted chemicals in your yard, making it easier for people who have allergies to enjoy the outdoors.

Installing either Mt. Sierra Pro-70 and Super Sierra-94 from Global Syn-Turf's Mt. Sierra Series will instantly add value, bright color, and enticing beauty to your property. Your friends and neighbors will envy the fact that your property will maintain plush green grass every day of the year with minimal effort on your part. Professionally installing Global Syn-Turf artificial grass will instantly lower high water bills, improve the environment, and save you a lot of money over time.

Mt. Sierra Pro-70

Mt. Sierra Pro-70

1/3 Lime Green/2/3 Field Green with Brown/Green thatching.
Pile Height: 1 3/4". Face weight: 70 oz.yd2
Mt. Sierra Super 94

Mt. Sierra Super 94

1/3 Lime Green/2/3 Field Green with Brown/Green thatching.
Pile Height: 2 . Face weight: 94 oz.yd2

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