Customer Reviews: Lainsville Iowa

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Lainsville Iowa

⁦I ordered this "turf" for my backyard patio, since there is not much greenery here in the Southwest... I thought it would give the backyard a bit of color. I read a review on this site, that someone placed it in their garage and loved it, so now, I'm not sure if I want to put it in the garage or the backyard patio! My only concern is the dust that it will accumulate in the garage or outdoor, and not sure how to clean it. Maybe a garden blower?⁩

Jasper County Iowa

Excellent quality and durability! The flagpole and cup combo is perfect for our putting green. Highly recommend!

Metz Iowa

It has very soft, thick piling, and there has been hardly any fallout of the artificial greenery-no bare spots, and it's very consistent. It also has a thick rubber backing that provides some grip and padding. I absolutely love the natural look of this piece!

Wise Iowa

It definitely serves its purpose well. We could have gone with sand. We preferred this one to match better. It works effectively in keeping the green in place. Its quite pricey, for what it offers.

Lainsville Iowa

I was really happy, with the quality considering the price. It looks much like grass. There were a creases, in the turf at one end. They disappeared after I laid it out in the sun for an afternoon. The dimensions were exactly as described. I'm planning to create a green area in my backyard and will definitely purchase from this vendor again.

Sioux County Iowa

As a landscaper working across Iowa, finding the right infill for synthetic turf that withstands our varied climate is crucial. GST's Green Sand has been an excellent addition to my installations. It helps keep the turf blades upright and adds a lush, natural green finish that enhances the overall appearance. It's also great for drainage, ensuring the turf stays dry and usable, even after our heavy rains. This product has consistently delivered quality results and satisfied my clients. A top pick for sure!

Davenport Iowa

Too bad the most stars I can give is 5, otherwise I would give more. I feel like GST is the best turf supplier in the US by a long shot.

- They have high quality turf

- They have a dedicated customer service team

- They care about their customers

- Their prices are fair

- They have a huge selection

- Always in stock

There's probably some other things I missed, but you get the point!


Des Moines Iowa

So companies get service and some don't.  When I called Global Syn Turf looking for artificial turf they were amazing.  The lady that answered the phone was polite and professional.  She referred me to their synthetic grass supplier in Iowa.  The company was professional and honest.  I love my new artificial grass backyard and so does my 8 year old Golden Retriever.


Des Moines Iowa

I just installed artificial ivy on the fence in my backyard. I purchased the SuperHedge Ivy from a local landscape store. The ivy was made by Global Syn Turf, I need to cover a fence in my backyard to create some privacy from my neighbors.  I never even new artificial ivy was a thing until I found it on their website.  Once I saw the application pictures it made so much sense to me.  I knew immediately I needed this ivy for my back fence to block people from looking into my yard.  The Artificial Ivy was so easy to to install.  I love the Global Syn Turf Website, it was so easy to navigate and gives you so much information.


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