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Customer Reviews: Livermore California

4.9 stars based on 319 customer reviews

Palmetto California

The GST Trainers Turf 63 has been a standout addition to my active outdoor area. Its robustness perfectly suits high-traffic spaces, supporting everything from workouts to playful family activities without showing wear. The turf's realistic look enhances the aesthetic of my space, while its durability means it looks great with minimal effort.

I appreciate how it feels underfoot-comfortable and safe for all types of activities. Plus, the low maintenance aspect is a huge win; it stays lush and green without the need for water or mowing. For anyone looking to create a versatile, active outdoor space, the GST Trainers Turf 63 offers the perfect blend of performance and low upkeep.

Walong California

I recently revamped my outdoor area with GST's Hawthorn Dark Hedge Ivy, and wow, what an upgrade! The dark green hue adds a touch of sophistication and the privacy level it provides is exactly what I was looking for. It looks so realistic, yet it's completely maintenance-free. This hedge ivy has transformed my space into a lush, secluded retreat. Absolutely loving the new vibe it brings!

Homer California

Just installed GST's Holly Hedge around my patio, and it's like I've got my own private green oasis now. The texture and color are spot-on, creating a natural barrier that's both beautiful and functional. It's turned my outdoor area into a cozy retreat without any of the hassle of real hedges. Couldn't be happier with the look and ease of this product!

Charleston Meadows California

I recently spruced up my backyard with GST's Hawthorn Hedge Ivy, and it's been a total game-changer! It added instant privacy and a lush, green vibe that's incredibly realistic. The maintenance is practically zero, which is a huge plus. My backyard has transformed into a serene escape, and my neighbors have been asking about it non-stop. Definitely a top-notch product from Global Syn-Turf!

Leavitt California

Just got my hands on the Global Syn Turf Golf Cup Light Set and, wow, it's a game changer for my backyard putting green! First off, installation was a breeze – literally had it lighting up my evenings in no time. The lights are surprisingly bright, making those nighttime putting sessions not only possible but super enjoyable. Quality-wise, they feel solid and durable, which is great because I don't plan on taking it easy on them.

Playing into the evening has given my practice routine a huge boost. There's something about putting under the lights that adds an extra layer of fun and challenge. Plus, it's a hit with friends during our weekend get-togethers. If you're looking to extend your golf practice into the night or just want to add a cool feature to your home course, I'd definitely recommend giving these lights a shot. A solid addition to any golfer's setup!

Carlton California

Just rolled out some of Global Syn-Turf's Trainers Turf Black at my place, and wow, what a game changer! It's tough, looks sleek, and my workouts have never been better. Easy to maintain and feels great underfoot. If you're looking to step up your home gym or outdoor area, this stuff is the real deal. Highly recommend!

Kandra California

As someone who's been installing turf for pet facilities around Kandra, CA, for over a year, I've got to say, the Global Syn-Turf (GST) Turf Super Glue in the 29 oz size has been a game changer. The weather out here can really test the durability of any turf installation, but this glue holds up like a champ. No matter how playful the pets get or how extreme the weather turns, the seams stay secure, and the turf looks seamless.

What I appreciate most is the ease of application. It doesn't require a pro's expertise to get it right, making my job a lot smoother. Plus, the 29 oz size is pretty convenient, covering a good amount of ground before needing a refill. And let's not forget about the environmental aspect; it's reassuring to use a product that's safe around all these furry friends.

Overall, sticking with GST's products, especially this turf glue, has been a solid choice for my projects. It's reliable, efficient, and holds up to the promise, making it a staple in my toolkit.

Los Angeles California

I've been rigging up putting greens around LA for a bit over 5 years now, and if there's one thing I've learned, it's that not all turf accessories are created equal. That's why I gotta give a shout-out to Global Syn-Turf (GST) and their Premium Plastic Golf Cups. These little beauties have been a staple in my installs, and I'm here to tell you why.

First off, these cups are tough as nails. We get some pretty intense sun out here in Los Angeles, and I've seen products from other companies warp or fade faster than you can say "fore!" But GST's golf cups? They hold up like champs, staying in top shape even after years of California sunshine beating down on them.

Installation's a breeze, too. I've had my share of wrestling matches with inferior products, but these cups fit into my greens just right every time. It saves me headaches and keeps my projects on schedule, which my clients love.

And let's talk looks – these cups have that professional vibe down pat. They make my putting greens look like they're straight out of a PGA tour, and my clients can't get enough of that authentic feel. Plus, the playability is top-notch. The cups have the perfect depth and size, giving that satisfying "plunk" when the ball drops in. It's all about the details, and GST nailed it.

I've also gotta tip my hat to GST's customer service. In this line of work, having a reliable supplier who's got your back is worth its weight in gold. They're always there when I need advice, a fast shipment, or just someone to bounce ideas off of.

In the grand scheme of things, choosing the right golf cups might seem small, but trust me, it makes all the difference. And after 5 years of sticking with GST, I haven't found a reason to switch. Whether you're a fellow installer or just looking to spruce up your backyard green, give these cups a shot. They won't disappoint.

Livermore California
We get all of our turf and sand from GST. They are by far the most consistent out there and we need that.

Los Angeles California
Global Syn-Turf has provided me with some of the most beautiful and natural looking artificial Ivy I have ever seen. If you have not been to Global Syn Turf website I recommend you do so. On the homepage go to products then go to privacy fencing and then you can review the pictures and the specifications for all the artificial ivy. What I did is Google artificial Ivy installations and it gave me so many ideas of what you can do with this ivy. You can wrap it around post you can use it for privacy fences you can use it for decorative Greenery around your yard or business. The pictures of the different installations really give you a feel of what you can expect with artificial ivy. I had 2000 square feet of the Hawthorn hedge sent to my home where me and my boys installed it on a cinder block wall and a chain-link fence that circles my yard. Now when people come over to my house and see the greenery they're kind of Blown Away and aren't really sure what's going on. How did all that Green Ivy just appear out of nowhere. The artificial Ivy add such a great accent to the cinder block wall and creates privacy on the chain link fence section. I recommend everyone take a look around their yard and try to figure out where they can accent their yard with some green artificial Ivy. We've had Global Syn Turf artificial turf and putting green installed in my backyard for about 11 years now. We just discovered the artificial Ivy and now we have it all. I want to thank Global Center for their great products and customer service and recommend everyone else do the same. 

Anaheim California

Love the selection, the team, and the grass. These guys get our orders through the same day and we always feel like we're in good hands. 5/5 would recommend


San Diego California
Global Syn Turf saved me again. Today I was looking to have some artificial turf delivered so my crew could install the turf today. I called the company and they told me they would research where the artificial turf delivery was. He called me back and inform me that their driver did not show up today and that the sales rep actually came into the warehouse and drove the truck to make the delivery. The turf ended up being delivered on time and my install crew got the job done on time but I am here to talk about the service that goes into a provider. There's not many companies and door sales reps that will drop what they're doing and come in and drive a big truck and and unload the turf and in fill in my driveway. Most companies would have just called and said look our driver didn't show up we will try to get this order there tomorrow. Global Center understands the importance in the sense of urgency that a homeowner or a contractor would have when they need their Turf. When someone promises you that something's going to be done on time then you count on that person to do exactly that. Global Syn Turf and our sales rep John are the absolute best their service level it supersedes any body I have worked with Indie Home Improvement Building Material industry. if anybody's interested in artificial turf or Ivy or installation accessories I recommend you called because nobody is better.

Santa Rosa California

GST is our favorite turf supplier for a good reason. They are always transparent with us when we have any questions at all. Just the other day we had a special installation request from a customer which we never encountered before and so ended up asking Lee from GST for advice. Not only did he recommend an amazing turf for the job, he also told us what to look out for post installation to avoid turf burn damage. The inventory is always consistent and I always know that they have what we need.


Simi Valley California

We were at SiteOne picking out which turf to get and they recommended us GST grass. We didn't know much about turf in general so I just told them I wanted something of higher quality and that would last a long time while also looking good. They told me that GST turf is our best bet and it's all around just a good grass. We ended up going with the Super natural series and it looks/feels like real grass. It's been 5 months now and it's still looking awesome.


Los Angeles California

I am a new contractor of artificial turf and I have been using Global Syn Turf products. Global Syn turf train and certify me to install artificial grass which I am very grateful for. I didn't realize how much I did not know about artificial turf until I went to their certification program. Two days in the field in one day in the classroom and I got a certification certificate when I was done. I don't know what I would have done without this type of training. Now installing artificial grass every day and I am booked out for 3 months. The artificial turf Mark is so unbelievable right now especially with a water drought and water conservation. I primarily install the Escalade 90 and the Escalade 50 and a few cutting green here and there. I really want to thank trainers in the certification class and Global Syn Turf for supporting me. if you were a contractor or a homeowner looking for artificial prayer I highly recommend this company call them today. 


Los Angeles California
I found Global Syn Turf online because I wanted artificial turf installed in my backyard. I filled out an online inquiry on their website and a Gentleman called me and told me that they were a manufacturer and that they did not sell direct and or do installations. He referred me to one of their distributors in the Los Angeles area which I called immediately. I spoke with a gentleman named Frank and he said that they would come out to my house and give me a quote for an installation. They came out this past Thursday and gave me a quote and show me all of the artificial turf samples and I gave them a deposit for them to set up an installation date for the install.   They finished the installation yesterday and it looks amazing.  My hat is off to Frank Clint and Global Syn Turf.

Burbank California

So far, we've done 4 home projects for our clients with the super natural turf from global syn turf. Here are a few comments we got:

- Super realistic feel and look

- not too hot even during the heat wave (probably due to the cooling infill)

- good drainage


Santa Cruz California
I called Global Syn Turf for their Riviera Monterey 84 and they told me they were a direct order installation. I told them I was located in Santa Cruz and I did not see the solar and they referred me to their distributor in this area. I called the distributor up and Cassie helped me process an order for 3800 Square ft delivered to my home in Santa Cruz. It only took Tuesdays and the turf was delivered right to my driveway at a very reasonable shipping cost. I want to thank Global Syn Turf for having such a professional network of Distributors that are professional and stand behind what they do. If they say it's going to be delivered in 2 days well sure enough it was. Not many companies have sir and especially from a manufacturing standpoint but I tell you glue Global Syn Turf really came through this time. Now I will be able to install the turf and time for my daughter's graduation party and my husband and I could not be happier. Once again thanks for Global Syn Turf and their local distributor and Kathy for helping us make this come to fruition. 

Campbell California

Some of the finest turf projects we've completed have been with GST's artificial grass. They set the standard very high for the rest of the industry with excellent service and good grass products. We are thinking about getting into artificial ivy as well. We've already ordered a few samples of the ivys and hope that it meets our needs. I'm sure a lot of demand will be coming in this summer so we want to be ready!


Fremont California

I always recommend GST turf over other brands for a reason. Excellent quality and in my eyes they are the premier go to turf if you can afford it. I have full confidence recommending them to any of my landscaping customers and have no problem doing so to anybody potentially looking to switch to turf.


Riverside California

I want to thank my Sales Rep Clint for helping with my order last week at Global Syn Turf.  I went to the warehouse to pickup my turf and my credit card did not go through.  So I called Clint and he called a manager and they made an exception and got the turf cut and loaded on my truck.  There aren't many companies that can turn on a dime and make things happen like that.  Global Syn Turf makes some of the best artificial turf  you will ever see on the market.  Clint and Global Syn Turf you are the best.  Have a great weekend...


Anaheim California

First impression of GST was that they have A LOT of turf to choose from. Very overwhelming in the beginning but it's really good if you are very specific in what you are looking for since they have a grass for pretty much everything ( sometimes even 2 or 3 for any given project ). Samples are definitely your best friend when it comes to choosing the right turfs and I would even recommend trying out the ivy while you're at it. One of the sales reps gave a sample of the ivy and I was blown away even though I had no intention of getting into ivy in the first place. The quality is unlike anything I've ever seen. Super lush and thick while also looking very realistic.


Los Angeles California

I want to thank Myesha in the order processing department for taking such great care of me the other day. Order submitted and shipped to me ASAP for a job I needed to install on a very tight deadline. Myesha process the order immediately and called the warehouse and told them to get it shipped that day. I received my turf and installation accessories two days later and got my job installed in time for the deadline. This is the type of service you want from any type of company in particular and artificial turf company when your contractor and you come up against deadlines like this. Myesha you're the best I appreciate your service and I think you work for a great company. If anyone wants to work with a good artificial turf company who makes great product I recommend you look up Global Syn turf. 


Los Angeles California

I want to be the first to thank Global Syn Turf for referring me to Tim to install my yard in Los Angeles.  I searched high and low on the internet trying to find someone who was certificated, licensed and insured to install my yard.  Global Syn Turf is the company who came through for me and referred me to the right contractor.  I recommended you check out Global Syn Turf and check out their certified installer list.


San Leandro California

Found GST last year in the midst of the pandemic. Our supplier went out of business and it really messed up our entire operations. It taught us a big lesson to choose a reliable supplier so that this kind of situation never happens again. We heard from some clients that GST was one of the biggest so we gave them a shot. Ordered a few samples, liked the grass, and here we are. Their warehouse team in Hayward is really close to us so we usually just will call our orders. We've gotten to know the manager there pretty well and we stop by a few times a week.


Rancho Cucamonga California

The turf buying experience from GST is an exceptional one. Super fast when it comes communication and the turf is some of the best I have ever laid hands on. Very realistic in both look and feel, just what I needed for my backyard. I was able to get their turf from the Ewing near me and they were able to install it no problem. 


Palm Springs California
Global Syn Turf is the savior of the day for introducing me to will. I needed a professional artificial turf installer a cutting brain for a very high-end client of mine. They referred me to a man named will who had a large resume artificial Trump cutting brain that he is installed in the past his specialty is making putting greens that have a pad under them and 4 pounds of sand in bill in The putting green that allows a golfer to hit a golf ball from over a hundred yards away and hold the ball  on the green. If you are a golfer you know what I'm talking about when I said I hit a ball onto a green and have it stay on a greens and not bounce off. I want to thank will and Global Syn Turf for putting this together for me through a local dealer here in my account and thanks again to everyone. 

Antioch California

My go to supplier when it comes to ivy. My team focuses mostly on residential ivy applications and we have seen a big increase in the number of home owners trying to get ivy for their yards, fences, etc. The most important thing for us is the quality and GST definitely puts out in that manner. The ivy is full, realistic, and just good quality all around. Wouldn't settle for anything less!


San Diego California

 I want to thank Global Syn Turf for supplying me with all of my artificial turf, Ivy and installation materials for my backyard makeover. They referred me to their dealer in my area which unbeknownst to me also did installation and they gave me a quote said I could not refuse and I had them do the installation as well. It is always nice to have a warm referral given to you when it comes to having a contractor. The local dealer did a great job installing my turf and I want to thank Global Syn Turf for all they have done. 


Salinas California

GST really cares about their customers. I didn't know a thing about turf but I stumbled upon their website and submitted the quote form. Within an hour a rep called me and basically gave me the run down on how to achieve the lawn I wanted. I had no trouble communicating with him whatsoever and I ended up getting the turf I needed at my local distributor. He even recommended me a great installer that was just a few minutes away so the installation took almost no time at all. Very professional and quick. Will definitely be back in the future!


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