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Nickels Mobile Park California

Very nice artificial grass! I’ve used it to surround my coated concrete patio in my condo courtyard, and it looks very realistic. I’ve also used it at my new house where my dogs have worn down the grass at the gate entrance. It blends in pretty well with my real grass.

Metz Iowa

It has very soft, thick piling, and there has been hardly any fallout of the artificial greenery-no bare spots, and it's very consistent. It also has a thick rubber backing that provides some grip and padding. I absolutely love the natural look of this piece!

Cospers Bend Alabama

I don't have grass in my backyard anymore due to the drought, so I landscaped it without grass. My dog has been laying in the dirt, and I know he loves grass, so I decided to put down a 7x8 piece for him. HE LOVES IT. It's very plush and realistic looking. I can't speak to its durability for bathroom use since he goes elsewhere, but it's kind of expensive and worth the investment for his happiness. I highly recommend this product.

Grantville California

Due to some huge cedar trees in our backyard, we have a large area where grass just won't grow. After considering the idea of installing a DIY putting green to help with my short game, I finally started the project last summer. Being frugal and not wanting to waste money on an inferior product, I did extensive research to find the best turf option, exploring online sellers and turf companies. Despite my concerns about this product having only 19 reviews, I decided to take a chance. I couldn't be happier with the result! The turf is of very high quality, extremely durable, and looks great. This winter, we experienced snow, rain, and even had a huge cedar branch (5 inches in diameter and 20 feet long) fall on the turf. It came through the winter looking like a champ, with no damage and the same vivid color. I'm very pleased with this product!

Claribel California

These are fantastic! We used them to create a playground surface in our backyard under a swing set. They provide excellent protection against falls and allow the kids to use bikes or scooters, unlike alternatives such as mulch or wood chips. Plus, there's no mud like with grass! After a year or so, we now have some minimal buckling in areas where roots have grown in, but it's very minor. We're so pleased we went this direction. It's worth the investment to not have to deal with mud or messy mulch or chips. So glad we did it!

Florida Beach Florida

They fit perfectly onto both standard golf flag poles and the miniature putting flag sticks pictured. If your poles have the standard screw-off caps, simply unscrew them, slide off the old ones, and replace them with these. They have nice bright colors and accent the putting/chipping green beautifully. Six come in a pack at a great price, so when the Florida sun fades them, I have replacements on hand.

Grapevine California

We had all white flags before, but they were more expensive to replace, so we switched to the colored flags and like them better. Even better was the price, which was very reasonable.

Scotland California

These did exactly what they said they would and did it very well. They nailed it with the quality

Guadalcanal Village California

We used these with washers to secure our ground cover where regular staples wouldn't work due to the hardness and rocks in the soil. There were a few missing heads, but for the most part, they are a good deal.

Trigem Park California

Great color and quality! It was easy to assemble. I used some zip ties to keep it in place better. I might order another one to make it bigger.

Deer Haven California

This did the trick! My dog thinks he's on real grass. It works beautifully and is easy to clean!

Jonata Park California

I installed this on the floor under my wall-hung bikes and 3 feet up the wall as well. The color is beautiful, and it laid flat immediately.

Rockwood California

This was a great infill for our new artificial turf! The description is accurate in stating that it is meant to be used to infill artificial turf products.

Foshee Alabama

I've used this brand of edging for years, and it stands up well to weather and line trimming. It's also available in a variety of lengths. Over the past few decades, I've purchased other GST outdoor products, and they are made to last.

Pajarito New Mexico

I’m putting gravel all around the house for drainage purposes and wanted to install edging to contain it, as it tends to migrate onto the lawn over time. Digging a channel for edging would have been too much work, so this "no dig" version is perfect. It really adds to the finished look and was a good buy!

Poker Brown Nevada

The spiral design provides a good grip on the ground. The price is good for what you get.

Michigan Palms Mobile Home Park Arizona

They work great for holding down my weed block in the garden. Easy to install and sturdy!

Burbank Junction California

I loved everything about it and didn't have any problems. I was very pleased with how easy it was to install by myself.

Happy Bend Arkansas

I have a tiny house and a huge backyard with lots of weeds. I purchased over 500 sq ft of this turf last June to try it out. The color has remained nice, and there are no weeds. I have now purchased more to finish the rest of the yard. It's a hefty purchase, especially for a large area, but I'm super happy with it! Not having to deal with weeds is worth it, and it makes the backyard look so much better.

Laysville Connecticut

I bought these to lay down for my dogs, and they love them. They are soft and look much better than dirt. It solved a big problem with the dogs killing the grass and then laying in the dirt.

Ash Creek Junction California

We installed this about 6 weeks ago, and we are very happy with the purchase. Be sure to pay attention to the direction the grass is laid so that all the blades lie the same way, avoiding any visible seam lines.

Hawthorn Alabama

This artificial grass was the perfect solution to my problem. I have a very large birdbath, and when I empty it, a torrent of water spills onto the ground, creating a muddy mess. I initially thought of using seed and hay, but the frequent water and its force would wash anything planted away. The same goes for grass plugs; they would never take root.

This grass is absolutely beautiful. I was able to install it quickly and easily, and best of all, the water from the birdbath drains through the grass. No more muddy mess or bare dirt patch. The grass blends in well with the lawn. I also purchased metal spikes (with the green top) to secure it in place.

Very, very happy with my purchase. I even had some left over that my husband and I use as a practice putting green.

Gaither Arkansas

We're renting, so anything we do has to be easily undone. We put this turf on top of the rocks, and we can barely feel the rocks through it. It looks nice and breaks up the gray of the backyard. Our dog doesn't use it for her business but loves to lay on it and play on it. We're very happy with this turf!

Little Penny California

It came in convenient packaging and was easy to unroll and place down. The custom sizing really helped us tailor it to our balcony's size. Now, we have a mini lawn where our puppy can play (we added fencing around the balcony for safety) and some lawn chairs. It's perfect for us!

Waldo California

We started with a small (40 sq ft) bare-concrete walled patio filled with gravel and a few bushes. To create a sleek, modern, and luxurious look, we used 1-inch spaced marble pavers with polished black stones for the fill. Adding GST artificial boxwood panels to a portion of the walls gave us the illusion of greater width that we were looking for.

Antlers California

This works better than any other brand I've tried! A tip my mom gave me is to store it in the fridge; it comes out better and you get the most out of it. It works like a charm!

Legends Pass Florida

We used this to line our dog's outdoor pen. It has stood up to all kinds of weather, including heat and cold, numerous cleanings, and our Havanese really seems to love it.

Nightingale Maryland

I just did a review for terracota but I also used this turf so doing one for this too. Looks great, I like the color, I also paired it up with some blue turf aswell. Maintenance has been pretty easy so far, I've been sweeping and brushing once every month to get the bocce sand out of my turf. 10/10 and thumbs up from me

Nightingale Maryland

This is like the only turf company I know that sells turf in this color. I needed some of this color to finish up my bocce court in my backyard. Looks great, I like the color, I also paired it up with some blue turf aswell. Maintenance has been pretty easy so far, I've been sweeping and brushing once every month to get the bocce sand out of my turf. 10/10 and thumbs up from me


I could not be happier with my results, highly recommend this business. I was completely impressed with their professionalism.

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