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Is GST capable of supplying enough turf for big commercial projects?

Joel Leep | Apr 17, 2020 2:20 AM

Does GST have the inventory capacity to supply bigger commercial projects such as football fields, soccer fields, music arenas, etc

1 Answer

Yes, being the leader in the artificial grass industry, we carry the largest turf inventories in the world which can cover as big of the project as you can imagine! At any given time, we maintain our inventory level at about 10,000,000 sf. throughout our distribution centers nationwide. Such inventory amount of turf can cover all 32 NFL fields twice! No one else in the county has even close inventory as GST, plus we have dedicated teams to help with larger commercial artificial grass projects. To learn more about our inventories or get connected with team experts, please feel free to contact us via, phone, email or this online form: