Attention Southern California Distributors!

We are excited to announce that this week our distribution center located at Commerce, California has officially moved to a new address in Santa Fe Springs. We are all set and ready to take your orders. Our new warehouse location is doubled in size comparing to the Commerce warehouse totaling an area of 75,000 square feet.


Global Syn-Turf continues to grow, and as a natural step of that growth, we need more space. Our new warehouse location is doubled in size comparing to the Commerce warehouse totaling an area of 75,000 square feet. The transition was spurred to meet the increasing need for warehousing and distribution space in the greater Los Angeles region.

Our new address: 13930 Gannet Street, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670.

Weve moved to a new location in Santa Fe Springs, California.

Droughts are a recurring feature of California's climate. The last 2011-2015 drought hit farmers, residents and the environment hard, but it also generated opportunities to improve water policies. The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, enacted in 2014, focused on the development and implementation of groundwater sustainability plants. GSPs have a 20-year implementation schedule and a 50-year planning horizon. While the drought emergency is lifted, governor Brown retains prohibition of wasteful water practices. California Department of water resources is offering a way for various groups like government agencies, tribes, water and resource managers, businesses, academia, and the general public to collaborate on recommendations and findings to make informed decisions regarding California water future.

In 2018, Brown signed two bills, that require water districts set strict annual water budgets. Fines for wasteful water practices run from $1,000 per day to $10,000 during drought emergencies.

There are also standard allowances for water use: 55 gallons per person per day for indoor water use, dropping to 50 gallons by 2030. For outdoor use, the allowed usage is yet to be determined and will depend on regional climates.

The new laws include rebates that water agencies will have to offer to homeowners and businesses who replace lawns with drought-tolerant plants. There also could be limits to the hours and days of lawn watering not limited to drought emergency periods.

By 2018, Californias recognized the impact of their daily water practices on the state's future. Little things matter; low flush toilets lead to more flushing, low flow showerheads to longer showers, front load washers cause more rinse cycles. Reducing outdoor water usage can dramatically reduce water consumption. Replacing natural, water-thirsty lawns with artificial grass makes a big impact on water conservation practices. More and more California's residents turn their head toward synthetic turf. We know it from the inside. There is a huge demand all over a state for artificial grass.

Synthetic lawns are more appealing and functional than drought-tolerant plants. Synthetic fibers nowadays create beautiful, soft, cushy, non-abrasive surfaces you can lay on and play on. It's 100% lead-free and safe for children and pets. Synthetic turf is the outdoor rug with one exception; indoor rugs can't survive the outdoor, artificial grass can. It doesn't fade, doesn't change its vibrant colors no matter the weather or climate. It's easy to maintain; just rake out debris and hose off spills and liquids. Overall, for California water condition, artificial grass makes a lot of sense.

"We are pleased to have taken another step forward in executing our strategic expansion plans in Southern California" - said Shannon Beck, the Global Syn-Turf's vice president, - "A critical part of this development was to ensure we have enough space to grow into. The recent deal includes 75,000 square feet of the warehousing space. This will allow us to continue our commitment to support our clients’ distribution needs in the greater Los Angeles. Our clients’ businesses are growing, and so is their need for warehousing space. We are here to meet that need now and in the future."

Global Syn-Turf has warehouse in all major metropolitan areas across the United States. Over the years, with ever-increasing market demand, the business was expanding beyond expectations, regardless of the economy. Our new Santa Fe Springs distribution center is one more step towards the brighter future.


Pleasanton, California / December 2, 2019 - Global Syn-Turf, Inc. launches the 2019 Year-End Sale offering an incredible saving on remnants and full rolls of the top quality artificial grass. Starting at $.25 per square feet, we offer even lower prices on truckloads of turf remnants.

Natural Blend Turf Three-Color Combo Exclusive Artificial Grass for Landscape Lawns, Pet Areas, Playgrounds

Global Syn-Turf, the leading manufacturer of artificial grass in the United States, announces today the worldwide release of Natural Blend Turf, the newest and most innovative turf product to date.

Natural Blend Turf is a cost-effective solution riding on the Diamond Blade technology that will dramatically improve every aspect of the modern landscaping experience. Natural Blend Turf's multi-color grass offers ultra-realistic look with its beautiful combo pattern of beige, field green and emerald green fibers and brown and green thatching. The Diamond Blade allows multi-directional movement and improves resilience ideal for landscapes, playgrounds, and pet areas.

San Diego, September 2015 -- Global Syn-Turf has been selected for the 2015 Best Businesses of San Diego Award in the Nurseries & Gardening category by the Best Businesses of San Diego Award Program.

We are pleased to announce that we have added EXTENDED HOURS to our schedule, to make ordering and local pickups more convenient!

Starting on August 29th, Global Syn-Turf's Hayward warehouse on 3463 Arden Rd. and our office in Hayward, California will now be open from 7am till 3pm every Saturday.

Monday-Friday: Open from 6.30 AM until 6.30 PM PST.

Saturdays: Now open from 7 AM until 3 PM.

Global Syn-Turf, Inc. today announced the release of new line of artificial grass developed with one-of-the-kind Double S shape technology designed to create super-realistic look and higher resilience of synthetic turf surfaces. With this latest release, Global Syn-Turf further satisfies the industry's demand for a proven and reliable outdoor solution which is inherently low-maintenance and zero-irrigation; a synthetic grass which provides greater resiliency, realistic appearance and lasting durability.

Artificial Grass Cost Calculator
Artificial Grass Cost Calculator

Calculate installation costs online! Synthetic lawn vs. natural turf maintenance, initial installation prices, labor and landscape services costs, gallons of water you use every year. Start now and save!

Artificial Grass Installation Calculator Materials
Synthetic Turf DIY Costs

Instantly get the list of materials you need for installation with associated amounts, costs, and rental equipment fees.

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Trainers Turf Artificial Grass for sports fields, playgrounds, athletics, exercise, training

One of the best synthetic grass solutions on the market, Trainers turf creates perfect traction using the best force reduction properties in the industry. It’s also proven to enhance the performance and game experience for athletes.

Star Grass 35 Artificial Grass

Fashionable, versatile, and perfectly suited to be the star of any outdoor event. Star Grass is the finishing touch that completes your home's meticulously designed yard.

Riviera Monterey Artificial Grass

Suited for high traffic play and recreation areas, as well as lower traffic commercial and residential landscapes & pets areas. It provides a soft yet resilient cushion of turf safe enough for children to play on while maintaining top of the line durability standards.

Riviera Monterey Artificial Grass 65 oz.

A safe, cost-efficient alternative to traditional grass lawns. Riviera Monterey retains it’s plush, original, vivid green state month after month. It also withstands any level of foot traffic or extreme weather pattern

All Natural 75 oz Artificial Grass. Field Green, Olive Green colors. brown and green thatching.

This is the most natural-looking artificial turf on the market. This turf can be installed on landscapes, lawns, playgrounds, traffic medians, pet areas, commercial or residential spaces, and provides a vibrant and earthy finish that is suitable for lightly to heavily-trafficked areas.

C Blade Synthetic Grass 92 oz.

This product is the standard for durable, long-lasting turf. Unique C Shape blades stand straighter under varying pressure and retain their original shape and blade position while ensuring that your lawn maintains its fresh green look every day.

Double W Blade shape 85 oz. artificial grass

Rich and luxurious turf that creates a beautiful realistic looking plush lawn. Light and heat are diffused through the specialized curves of the blade making it ideal for regions with extreme weather conditions.

Emerald color 92 oz. Stem Blades Grass Artificial turf

Visually and structurally more realistic than any of its competitors, Emerald-92 can handle up to heavy levels of foot traffic with resilient qualities, making it perfect for pet areas, recreation areas, and meticulously designed landscapes.

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Global Syn-Turf, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of high-quality artificial grass in the United States and Canada. The company offers an extensive selection of products for commercial and residential landscapes, playgrounds, sports athletic fields, municipalities, golf putting greens and pet areas. Global Syn-Turf, Inc. provides innovative, environmentally friendly synthetic turf systems which require little maintenance, no water, pesticides, or fertilizers through multiple company-owned distribution centers across the United States. The state-of-the-art artificial grass offers realism, drainage, performance, safety, and durability. Global Syn-Turf is the exclusive artificial grass partner of San Francisco 49ers.

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