Electrolysis platform used for the production of hydrogen

Water Scarcity and Industrial Demand Intensify in South Texas as Chemical Plant Purchases Last River Water

In a striking example of the tension between economic development and environmental sustainability, Avina Clean Hydrogen Inc., a New Jersey-based chemical company, has acquired the last available water from the Nueces River in South Texas. This purchase is for the company’s Nueces Green Ammonia plant, which aims to transform hydrogen extracted from water into ammonia, positioning it as a high-tech alternative fuel for export.

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Global Syn-Turf Celebrates World Water Day: Preserving Every Drop

Today, on World Water Day, Global Syn-Turf stands with communities around the globe to underscore the significance of fresh water and the sustainable management of water resources. March 22 is not just a day on the calendar but a call to action to address the critical issue of water conservation.This year's theme resonates with our core values at Global Syn-Turf, as we are committed to offering landscaping solutions that help save millions of gallons of water each year.

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Exciting 2019: New Laws in California. Some Good, Some Not So.

Severe water drought in California seems to be over, but the water conservation rules continue to march down the state road. As a part of life, the universe works on the second law of thermodynamics: the entropy (a measure of the amount of disorder within a system) always tend to stay the same or increase; in other words, the energy of the law is continuously gradually moving towards chaos. No matter how long you leave a boiling pan of water, it will never become a block of ice.

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New California $500 Water Fines

Despite the dry winter, California State Water Resources Control Board and cities representatives support the state water regulators in Sacramento to fine residents up to $500 per water violation. Orginal water rules were set on a temporary basis during the California drought 2014-2017 by Gov. Jerry Brown. Now, according to the water conservation portal, it will, most likely, become a permanent Califonia law. In May 2016 Gov.

A New Way to Predict Drought Before It Hits

As now, the drought indicators use precipitation, streamflow, temperature, groundwater, reservoir levels, snowpack and soil moisture as variables. The ESI adds the space-based information to evaluate the conditions of the ground to explain patterns of water availability and moisture stress across large areas. In other words, it tells how crops respond to irrigation. If there is not enough water, the actual rate falls below the potential rate. Otherwise, it's high.

California drought. Brown bald lawn in Bay Area.

California's Drought: The Shift in Mindset

Despite the drought officially ended by Gov. Jerry Brown, Mediterranean climate in major parts of California remains the same. Water demands in warm, hot, dry summers and mild, moderately wet winters always exceed the water resources. A five-year drought raised concerns. It costs the state economy billions of dollars. It stressed forests and left more than 100 million dead trees behind. But the effects are far more deadly than anyone could imagine.

America loves green, lush lawns. Outdoor lifestyle is threatened by severe drought and a climate change. Lawns dry out. Dried earth.

Can Drought Steal The American Dream?

The state of Califonia is currently in its fifth year of severe drought. Despite Governor Brown's declaration of a state drought emergency in 2014, Californias fell short of the mandated water conservation target. Residents used 23.9 percent less water in 2014 compared to 2013. Official call is an "enormous effort" is saving water despite missed target. Saved water in the nine months period is enough for nearly six million people for one year.

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From California Brown to Green - Drought Landscaping Ideas

California doesn't look green anymore. In the historic state of drought, Californian lawns are now on the edge of extinction. Homeowners and communities are continuously looking for alternatives and the artificial grass looks more and more attractive. Drought landscaping options are limited. Some Californias tore down their lawns and replaced it with native plants. Others simply ignored the fact and let their grass turn brown and die.

Sacramento: Back to Desert, or Lifting a Ban on Artificial Grass?

Sacramento Planning Commission is considering to lift a 1984 ban that prohibited to install artificial grass in the front yards. Due to the new California drought emergency water conservation regulations, state officials must take all necessary action to prepare for water shortages. Artificial grass is the alternative landscape option available to home and business owners today.

Jon Stewart References California as a Jurassic World But This Time... BOOM! Everything Went Horribly Wrong.

The "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart has his own idea of how to solve the California Drought issue. "First, as you know, California goes through historic unprecedented dry spell. " - says Jon Stewart at Thursday's Daily Show. "We are talking about original movie ideas. BOOM! Take that Jurassic world. Hey, what if they build another dinosaur theme park, but this time things also went horribly wrong.

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