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Eleanor Johnson commented on answer What happens to artificial turf when it rains?

Don't worry, artificial grass is water-resistant. These are designed to ensure the free flow of rainwater through the perforated grass fiber

Feb 2 8:18 AM
Feb 2 6:07 AM
Eleanor Johnson commented on answer Can I cut the artificial grass to irregular shapes?

Yes, you can cut your artificial grass to match the shape of your lawn.

Feb 1 7:22 AM
Eleanor Johnson asked a question Is artificial grass bad for wildlife?

Just being concerned about fake grass is bad for the environment.

Jan 26 8:24 AM
Jan 22 5:48 AM
Eleanor Johnson asked a question How much sharp sand do I need for artificial grass?

I want to make sure I have enough sand when installing it. How much do I need?

Jan 20 10:56 AM
Eleanor Johnson asked a question Can I burn the edges of the artificial turf to avoid shedding?

I cut my artificial grass and some are shedding. Can I burn the edges to stop the shedding and the burn will lock it?

Jan 20 5:41 AM
Eleanor Johnson asked a question What is the correct height for an artificial grass for golf area?

I want to try playing golf and want to install artificial grass. What is the height that I need to look for?

Jan 16 5:07 AM
Eleanor Johnson asked a question Would this be durable enough to use as Volleyball court grass

I am trying to find a way to protect my children against injuries when they play volleyball outside.

Jan 15 5:04 PM
Jan 14 3:05 PM
Jan 14 2:50 PM
Eleanor Johnson asked a question Why do they put rubber on artificial turf?

How does heat affect the rubber?

Jan 14 2:42 PM

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