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Can I burn the edges of the artificial turf to avoid shedding?

| Jan 20 5:41 AM

I cut my artificial grass and some are shedding. Can I burn the edges to stop the shedding and the burn will lock it?

3 Answers

We will never recommend you to burn the artificial grass or it edges regardless the reasons. It is very unsafe to burn any products, including artificial turf even though our products have all been tested with flammabilities. 

When you are making the cuts and fibers start shedding, that means you are cutting into the stitches which make the fibers loose. I will suggest you to be extremely careful when doing the cuts and try to avoid cutting into or too close to  the stitches. If so, you won't see much of the shedding problems or at all. Also if you cut into or getting too close to the stitches, you won't be able to have a perfect seam done when you are piecing them together: you will always need to follow the same stitch gauges meaning to leave the similar distance as the original artificial grass gauges between two pieces.

Jan 20
This would totally ruin your turf. Don't do it!
Jan 21
Just do what was advised. You might not want to lose the warranty of your artificial grass in case something terrible happens while you do it.
Jan 22
Just be careful when cutting, no need to close the edges by burning.

For safety and product warranty purpose, you don't want to burn our artificial grass products, such act will void your product warranty.

Jan 21
That's right. You might not want to lose the warranty. That's the most important thing when buying items.

Burning the product will void your product warranty, please do not that.

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