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Reina Douglass answered a question Why should anyone buy artificial grass?

Most of people are using artificial grass today to replace the real grass lawns as it presents unparalleled advantages and benefits such as followings:1. Artificial grass is more environmentally

Feb 16 10:43 AM
Reina Douglass answered a question My garden is prone to flooding can I still install artificial grass?

If your flooding problem is from the rain, having artificial grass installation should take care of this issue for you. By installing artificial grass, you will need to first

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Feb 14 9:02 AM
Reina Douglass answered a question Can I walk on my artificial lawn during winter?

Absolutely! We have a lot of customers in the cold winter areas with no problems whatsoever walking on the turf in a snowy day.

Feb 11 4:17 PM
Reina Douglass answered a question Are infill surfaces better than non-infill surfaces?

We always recommend to use infills on all of our artificial grass installations, the cost of sands is a very small portion of the entire project, so for such minimum

Feb 11 4:07 PM
Reina Douglass answered a question If I have a sand infill artificial grass, will it get in the house?

Well, people have bad experiences of getting the crumb rubber infills into the house after playing on artificial grass surfaces. We don't recommend using crumb rubbers infills on all

Feb 11 4:04 PM
Reina Douglass answered a question How many days does it take to install artificial grass?

Typically within a week on regular sized front or back yards (500-1000 sf).

Feb 9 5:53 PM
Reina Douglass answered a question Is Artificial Lawn Abrasive To Skin?

Artificial grass is very nice and soft to touch, the surface is excellent and idea for walk or play on. However, when people slide or fall on it (hardly),

Feb 9 5:52 PM
Reina Douglass answered a question Why is sand infill sometimes used?

Regular kiln dried silica sand will be the least expensive way to go for your infill needs. These sands come in as mesh 16 or 30. The general

Feb 9 4:23 PM
Reina Douglass answered a question Can Artificial Grass Be Laid on Decking?

Yes, you can lay artificial grass on decking. If you are doing this because your decking is getting old, I would suggest you to make sure that your decking

Feb 7 1:24 PM
Reina Douglass answered a question How do I know if my artificial turf's life is coming to an end?

This is a really good question. There are many factors can determine your artificial grass’ lifespan, and it is difficult to simply tell when the turf is nearing its

Feb 2 2:22 PM
Reina Douglass answered a question Can you give me some advice on how should I cut it?

We would always want to recommend you to use professional installers for your type of projects involving special shaped cuts which can be tricky and require experiences and skills.

Jan 29 12:04 PM
Reina Douglass answered a question Can I use vinegar to clean my turf?

Getting rid of the smells by vinegar, yes, actually using vinegar will be the least expensive way to get rid of smells from artificial grass. But I am not

Jan 22 2:07 PM
Reina Douglass answered a question Is artificial grass too tacky?

Not really! On the contrary, artificial grass is trendy, contemporary and beautiful! Being rather new industry, artificial grass is actually setting a more trendy pace being much more environmentally friendly,

Jan 22 1:41 PM
Reina Douglass answered a question Do you install if I purchase the artificial grass with you?

We will be more than happy to provide you the information for distributors/dealers and installers if you can reach us via the online form.

Jan 20 12:46 PM
Reina Douglass answered a question Can I burn the edges of the artificial turf to avoid shedding?

For safety and product warranty purpose, you don't want to burn our artificial grass products, such act will void your product warranty.

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Jan 20 12:45 PM
Reina Douglass answered a question Can you put artificial grass over decking?

Yes, you sure can. Actually it is a great idea to do so and probably one of the few options you have to give your old deck a quick

Jan 20 12:43 PM
Reina Douglass answered a question Does artificial grass needs a shock pad for kids?

It is always a good idea to use shock pad under the grass, for kids or not for kids. The shock pad is about 1/4" thick and comes in

Jan 17 10:36 AM
Reina Douglass answered a question Does weeds grow underneath artificial grass?

Weeds can almost grow from anywhere, so it is possible for it to grow from underneath the artificial grass. There are couple of things you can do:First, you can

Jan 16 7:16 PM
Reina Douglass answered a question Will chlorine from pool damage or bleach grass

No, chlorine won’t damage artificial grass. However you need be aware that chemical and water residues can stick onto grass fibers and create calcium buildups and after certain time

Jan 15 4:22 PM
Reina Douglass answered a question Will my rabbit/bunny eat the artificial grass?

Artificial grass is made of plastic, which is not something animals or pests would enjoy. So the answer is no. I haven't experienced any cases of our artificial

Jan 15 10:58 AM
Reina Douglass answered a question What happens if a lit cigarette is dropped on it?

The cigarette will melt the grass fiber, but the grass won't catch on fire. Keep in mind that a lit cigarette can be as hot as more than 1100

Jan 15 10:54 AM
Reina Douglass answered a question Do scorpions like artificial grass?

This is a very interesting question, to be honest, we haven't heard or seen any cases or incidents regarding scorpions with artificial grass. We make our artificial grass products

Jan 14 12:14 PM
Reina Douglass answered a question How does artificial grass stay down?

I am not sure exactly what you meant by “stay down”, but I will answer your questions from two perspectives and hopefully will address your concerns. A. How to

Jan 12 1:26 PM
Reina Douglass commented on answer How do I buy your artificial grass products?

You can get our products from distributors throughout the state of Texas, feel free to fill out the form on the website and one of our distributors will be reaching out to you immediately.

Dec 27, 2019 12:50 PM
Dec 27, 2019 12:47 PM
Reina Douglass answered a question What is the benefits of having artificial grass in Texas?

Artificial grass market in Texas is several years behind the west coast and eastern states like Florida. However, it has been growing rapidly in recent years. The fastest-growing

Dec 27, 2019 10:49 AM

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