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Kip Turpen answered a question Do you offer discounts if I buy turf accessories in bulk?

If you are already a distributor or dealer, please reach out to our customer service team or your sales representative for any special requests regarding buying artificial turf accessories products

Oct 6 4:31 PM
Kip Turpen answered a question Would you recommend the Riviera or S blade series for a backyard?

There are really not much of major differences between these two series other than the profile of the fiber and the color. Functions and performances for both artificial grass

Aug 19 1:39 PM
Kip Turpen answered a question Can the super natural series be used for sport activities?

Yes, you can use our SuperNatural artificial grass for sports. Softness is not equal to durability: soft artificial grass won’t be less durable according to our tests, however softer

Jul 31 12:43 PM
Kip Turpen answered a question Will I have trouble straightening out my artificial grass?

You don’t really need to worry about the fibers not straightening up after you unroll your artificial grass. Typically the turf fibers will automatically stand up in the sun

Jul 22 4:52 PM
Kip Turpen answered a question Will I ever have to replace my artificial grass?

If your artificial grass is initially installed correctly, under normal weather and usage with proper maintenances, it can last a long time! We offer a 15 year limited warranty on

Jun 23 2:11 PM
Kip Turpen answered a question Are your artificial grass technologies patented?

As far as I know we have not patented any of the our unique technologies yet. Being in a very small industry, there are really not many copiers out

Jun 16 2:21 PM
Kip Turpen answered a question What is the difference between the W blade and the S blade turfs?

Both S Balde and W Blade artificial grass are made with engineered fibers, and Global Syn-Turf is the pioneer of these engineered blade with the products named after them.

May 23 11:56 AM
Kip Turpen answered a question Can you install artificial turf on hillsides or slopes?

There is a saying in the artificial grass industry: “If you can walk it, we can turf it!” In another word, if the slope of the area is walkable, you

May 4 1:32 PM
Kip Turpen answered a question Does the sand infill get messy when you step on the artificial grass?

This is a very good question. The short answer is NO, the sand infills won't be messy once applied onto the artificial grass. On average, we recommend to

Apr 27 12:24 PM
Kip Turpen answered a question Can you tell me about what the specifications mean for turf?

Artificial grass specifications are explained as following:1. Pile Height: The height measurement for the straight fibers on the artificial grass, from the tips of the fiber to the backing.

Apr 10 12:35 PM
Kip Turpen answered a question Will my dog dig holes in my new artificial grass?

You got a good question. As we all know that some dogs tends to have bad habit to chew and dig on things such as furnitures, carpet, dirt and

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Feb 24 9:09 AM
Kip Turpen answered a question Will my artificial grass remain green?

Our artificial grass has a limited 15 year warranty to cover color fading. In normal temperatures and under regular use, our turf product color can last you a long

Feb 18 9:19 AM
Kip Turpen answered a question Can Water Travel Through Artificial Lawn?

All our artificial grass products are designed and manufactured with excellent drainage capabilities. On average, our turf can drain 50-100 inches per hour, such capacity can handle the biggest

Feb 7 8:51 AM
Kip Turpen answered a question Does artificial grass soak up water?

No, artificial grass won’t soap up water or any other liquid. Artificial turf is made of polyethylene and polyethylene, neither the fibers or backings are not porous, therefore, no

Feb 2 9:11 AM
Kip Turpen answered a question Is artificial grass bad for wildlife?

I am not sure about the question as there shouldn’t be anything good for bad for wildfire, artificial grass is definitely not flammable, and will not catch on fire.

Jan 26 1:53 PM
Kip Turpen answered a question Would this work in a utility room for kitty litter?

Technically you can use artificial grass for kitty litter, the product won't hurt and not harmful, but I doubt it will work well for your cat. It is very

Jan 16 8:13 PM
Kip Turpen answered a question Has anyone used this for chicken nesting boxes?

I personally don't know if anyone has used artificial grass for chicken nesting boxes, but technically you can use it. Our artificial grass is designed and manufactured with harm

Jan 16 8:04 PM
Kip Turpen answered a question Can I just lay the turf on my bluestone patio?

Absolutely! If you have a small piece being placed in the middle of your patio, you would like to secure the edges by using double sided carpet tapes.  

Jan 15 4:16 PM
Kip Turpen answered a question Do the edges curl if laid as a rug on concrete?

It might if you leave the piece completely loose on the concrete. We always recommend to somehow secure the grass into the solid surfaces regardless a permanent or temporary

Jan 15 4:14 PM
Kip Turpen answered a question Will this be good for high traffic area?

Installing artificial grass for high traffic area, you always need to be aware that turf will lay down due to the high traffics: most of our products are with engineered

Jan 15 10:02 AM
Kip Turpen answered a question Can you use rock salt during snow in an artificial grass?

Technically yes. In this case, you can treat the artificial grass the same as real grass. Reality is that you either blow off or broom off the snows

Jan 15 9:54 AM
Kip Turpen answered a question Can you play on artificial turf in the rain?

Sure you can if you don't mind getting wet by the rain! The artificial grass will drain out the water as rains hit on the surface, but there still will

Jan 14 1:54 PM
Kip Turpen answered a question Can I put this as a carpet inside my room?

You sure can. Our products are designed to be used both for indoors and outdoors. Our artificial turf is free of harmful ingredients and totally safe for human

Jan 13 8:17 PM
Kip Turpen answered a question Does ground have to be level for artificial grass?

Well, this is a very good question. We will recommend the ground or prepared base to be smooth and compacted, but not necessarily leveled. People install artificial grass

Jan 12 11:36 AM
Kip Turpen answered a question Will artificial grass reduce pests like bugs and small animals?

Absolutely! The artificial grass is made of PE and PP, forms of plastic, therefore, the fibers are not porous, and smoother than real grass. Such materials will not provide

Dec 31, 2019 1:58 PM
Kip Turpen commented on review Riviera Monterey-84

A big yard with artificial turf you got, lucky doggies!

Dec 31, 2019 1:29 PM
Kip Turpen commented on review Sierra Super 94

I think the picture shows the turf a bit darker than the product itself when you look at it in person.

Dec 31, 2019 1:27 PM
Dec 31, 2019 1:27 PM
Kip Turpen commented on review W Blade-60

Great to have a play facility with turf installed in a community.

Dec 31, 2019 1:25 PM
Kip Turpen commented on review Double W-85

Nice design and the turf looks great!

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Dec 31, 2019 1:24 PM

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