Enjoy my backyard with artificial grass!

John Balls

The artificial grass installed in my backyard is amazing! We really enjoy it! The facts I like the most are: I don't have to do anything to it, at least I haven't, no need to maintain. The grass looks very realistic, and most of people can't even tell it is fake! I don't have to worry about walking on these artificial grass after rain. My installer used the T-cool infills on my installation so the turf won't get hot. I simply can rinse things off if needed. This particular product is very thick and flush, definitely the heaviest among all the artificial turf samples I have seen. The installer did a great job installing the turf from start to finish, it only took them 4 days. Can't say enough about how much we enjoy this product!
I like the turf being installed around the tree, very cool.
A nice looking turf, and comfy swing!
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