I have this beautiful Cashmere artificial turf on my front yard, a big slope, turned out very nice!

Patti Adams

I thought it would have been a challenge to put artificial grass on my front yard given the fact of its big slope, but the installer did a great job with GST's Cashmere 70! I live in Fremont, California, and I personally like the soft turf and this Cashmere works! It is very tall and fluffy, yet extremely soft compared with other products on the market. Since I have it on my front yard with slope, not much of foot traffic if any at all, so I was told I don't have to worry much about the turf being lay down due to traffics, more just for the look. It took the installer about a week from start to finish which is in my opinion pretty quick. They took out my old lawn in a day, and have those big truckloads of gravels and stuff for the base, compacted and watered it before laying down the turf, I did't have them installed the weed barrier even they offered me that option though as I don't mind have some weeds if any to look even more natural for my lawn. Already receiving good comments from my neighbors and friends, my front yard now looks awesome, can't say enough how much I like it!


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