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Perfect solution for my yard

Lajuana Bruggeman

The dogs took to this quickly and have been happily doing their business on the artificial grass. We haven't gone through a summer with this yet, but we've had unusually warm weather for late winter/early spring (it's been in the mid 80s) and lots of direct sunlight. The grass has not yet felt too hot (or even warm), so I'm hopeful that it won't burn any doggy feet in the summer.The rolls of artificial grass smelled a bit at the very start, but the dogs didn't seem to mind and the smell dissipated quickly. The dog urine drains through easily so we haven't experienced any urine smell, even when we've gone for over a week without rain. It's incredibly easy to pick up dog poop from this artificial grass, which is an added bonus.We have a 30 lb Shiba Inu (she's a Shibzilla, but her parents were also very large for the breed) and a 35 lb Mountain Feist. They are both very fast, and the Feist has crazy feet with extra strong nails, but they've been able to chase each other and play hard on this grass without any problems.

Spring artificial grass 50 oz. green emerald lime