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What is the difference between nails and glue for installation?

| Mar 24 12:14 PM

What is the best way to install artificial turf? Are nails better than glue? What accessories do I need to ensure I do a good job? Do you recommend installing it by myself or hiring a professional? What should I look for if I do look for a professional?

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The usage of nails and glues are different for artificial grass installations, you will need both to get the proper job done, not necessarily one is better than the other. In general, you will need to nails to secure the perimeters of your artificial turf, and also to be used along with seaming tape and glue to secure the joints of two pieces together. The turf glues are mainly used to bond the artificial grass seams together. 

The seaming job can be a bit tricky and does require skills and experiences for a perfect result. 

I personally always want to recommend professional installers to perform artificial grass installation work especially when it requires more than one piece and have some complications such as slopes, off shapes and etc. 

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You also can find more detailed information regarding installations from this link:

Mar 25
My installer used glue and it looks fine
Mar 26
I personally have no idea which is better to use. I suggest you leave it to the professionals.
Mar 26
I would listen to the installer
Mar 27
We used glue since it was for kids

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