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The cost of installing Global SynTurf artificial turf can vary widely depending on the size of the area, type of turf selected, and prep work needed. On average, prices can range from $5 to $20 per square foot, including materials and installation. For a more accurate estimate, consider the specifics of your project and consult with a professional.


How does this work? You send me the required turf and instructions on how to install?


We have distributors and dealers nationwide, so we can effectively service customers anywhere in the country. Please fill out this online form so we can better assist you: If you have any other questions, please always feel free to call us at 877 796 8873 or email us at [email protected], thank you.


We are looking at doing a small area in back yard turf, it would be in back w/ patio furniture and fire pit. Let me know thoughts.


Please fill out this online form:, our team will reach out to you answering your questions and providing better assistance. Or you can always give us a call at 877 796 8873 or email us: [email protected], thank you.


I would think the prices on our shockpad are reasonable compared to the rest in the industry. Given the fact of artificial grass is a niche market with volumes are relatively small, some of the installation accessories such as shockpad might look higher than similar products in other industries. However, for artificial grass industry, we offer the most competitive pricing on all products we make or offer. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us by phone: 877 796 8873 or email us at [email protected], thank you.


We believe some of our distributors/dealers offer holiday sales deals, please fill out the following online form so we can get you connected with the local distributors/dealers with holiday deals ASAP, thank you:


The best approach to your question is to get you connected with one of our local distributors near you to provide you estimates on the turf products based on your preferences and application. Please fill out the following online form and we will get back to you immediately, thank you:


We don’t publish our artificial turf pricing information to the general public, I would suggest you to please fill out this online form so we can get the proper party connected with you immediately with the information you need, thank you:


Unfortunately we don’t offer any direct financing programs for artificial grass purchases. However, many of our customers can obtain financing help from programs such as HERO of which our company is one of the top turf company partners. Also, many of our distributors and dealers are offering financing support to their customers and homeowners. I would suggest you to fill out this online form, so we have help directing you to the proper financing sources ASAP:, thank you.


We sell our artificial grass products through distributors and dealers nationwide, regardless where you live, we will have a local distributor/dealer to take care your turf estimates needs: you will find a good package of good, better and best pricing structures on all of our artificial grass products, to fond out more details, please simply fill out this online form to get connected with one of our distributors immediately, thank you:


Is shipping turf to the east coast generally more or less expensive compared to west coast shipping?


We have distribution centers nationwide including one on the east coast (Jacksonville, FL), therefore we can ensure fast and competitive shipping services to all of our customers anywhere in the county. You can find all our distribution centers for artificial grass and accessories at this link: Please feel free to contact us by phone 877 796 8873 or email: [email protected] or this online form:, thank you.

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