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This is a rather difficult question to answer. Prices for base materials and installations of artificial grass can vary from areas to areas. To look at a complete artificial grass project, the major costs go to the installation labors which typically 50-75% overall project cost. To have a better idea on exactly how much savings you will have by doing installations yourself, I will suggest you to have some estimates from professional artificial grass installers and ask them to break down the material costs from installation costs if possible. By doing so, you will be able to tell clearly how much savings you will have. But please keep in mind that it is not always easy to do the installation yourself especially if you have a rather big project (600 sf or over) and with seams to work on. We can provide you with any consultations related to your artificial grass products and installation needs, simply call or email us or just fill out this online form, we are here to help:


Most of our artificial grass at 60 oz range or lower in term of face weight can be considered the best valued products. There are really two ways to look at the best values artificial grass on today’s market: overall, every single artificial product offered by us has the best value compared to the rest of the industry, comparing “apple to apple”, you won’t find anything come close to the value of our products offer. Secondly, which echo my point at the beginning of this answer, within our own artificial grass lineup, products with face weight of 60 oz range will be the group to represent the best values. If you have any other questions or comments regarding your specific needs, please feel free to contact us by phone, email or this online form:


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There is really none of hidden cost for artificial grass as far as I can think of. It is very straightforward for artificial grass cost: everyone is selling artificial grass by price per square foot. To go with the artificial grass, you will need some tools and accessories required for installations such as nails, infills, tape measures, carpet/utility knives, seaming tape/glue and etc.. When installing artificial grass outdoors, sub base needs to be built which will need to excavate some soil, filled with drain rocks and decomposed granite which are bulk landscape materials with relatively low price tags. As the top artificial grass manufacturer, we offer not only the turf products, but also accessories to go with the installations, however, we don’t carry any bulk landscape materials for your sub base.

We offer free consultations on products and installations, so please let us know if you have any other questions by phone, email or this online form:


Global Syn-Turf sets the standard of the artificial grass industry with all products at greatest quality in general. Among our artificial grass products, the higher weight with complex fiber combinations, higher yarn drex and unique technologies are considered as the most high end products. To name a few:

1. SuperNatural-80

2. C Blade-92

4. S Blade-90

5. Sierra Super-94

6. Riviera Monterey-84

7. Double W-85

8. Full Recycle-90

Even with the best qualities, all our products are priced very reasonably, therefore providing the best values on the market. Please feel free to contact us if you have more questions by phone, email or this online form:


Just like any businesses, we offer artificial grass promotions from time to time through our nationwide distributors and dealers. The best way to find out about promotions is to fill out this online form with your location so we can get you connected with your local turf distributors or dealers:


Saving water and saving money on the water bill are considered one the most important advantages artificial grass has over real grass. Besides that, it also saves costs on the maintenance part: artificial grass requires minimum maintenance if any, not like real grass lawns that you have to mow it frequently, plus adding fertilizers and use pesticides: all of which will cost you money. To me personally, not only the money savings is important, but also to eliminate the air pollutions from lawn mowers and stop contamination of our soil is even more critical: every one of us should try to protect our environment, by replacing real grass lawns with artificial grass, we definitely can contribute to the environment protection efforts, while saving a lot of money at the same time: a no brained decision.

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We are the manufacturer of artificial grass, and selling our products through our distributors nationwide. Unfortunately we don’t offer any installation services, therefore, we don’t have installation pricing in our artificial grass products. However, we do offer manufacturing suggested installation guides, and we also have a referral program to get you connected with professional installers in your area, so if you can fill out this online form so we can get you the information immediately:


Thank you for your interests, are you a current distributor of ours or this is for a one time purchase? Also, are you interested in ordering the turf from us as well? If you can please fill out this online form, so we can reach out to you directly, thank you:


Our artificial grass prices are the most competitive in the industry! We sell our artificial turf products through distributors and dealers nationwide, you are not only getting the most competitive pricing but also the top notch customer services and most importantly the best artificial grass on the market. 

Please feel free to reach us via phone, email or this online form so we can find the nearest distributors or dealers and get you some price quotes:


Artificial grass is a good investment for your property for this following reasons:

1. It saves water in the long run: the normal life span for artificial grass is between 15 and 25 years, and most of the homeowners can get their initial investment back within 3-4 years, and enjoy it for the rest of the lifespan. On average, sixty percent of a household's water bill goes to watering real grass lawns, and the long term savings can be tremendous in a long run.

2. Artificial grass is virtually maintenance free, the savings of all the maintenance costs for the time you are having artificial grass is also a big deal, not to mention the hassles of maintaining a real grass lawn.

3. More importantly, today's artificial grass has become almost exact the replica of real grass, so having artificial grass will not lose the beauty or landscape appearance of grass lawns. 

4. Artificial grass has huge environmental advantages over real grass: it eliminates the air pollution generated by lawn mower, it eliminates the soil and underground water contamination. And of course it saves our precious water resources.

5. Most of developers now days are having artificial grass as an upgrade option for new houses or properties. 

You will not regret with your decisions on switching to artificial grass from real grass, it will prove to be a great investment for you! Please feel free to reach us with any further questions or comments via phone, email or fill out this form online:


The cost of installing a new natural lawn includes soil preparation. Before seeding, some basic pH testing must be done, and the results are mitigated by adding limestone mixes to make the soil less acidic, or sulfate and sulfur to decrease Ph (increase acidity.) You can buy topsoil in HomeDepot, Lowes, or any home improvement store nearby. They sell them in bags by cubic feet. In most cases, you need to add 2 inches of topsoil and mix it with the tilled down sod beneath. How to calculate how many bags of topsoil you need?  

Two cubic feet of soil will cover one square foot of soil spread at a depth of 2 inches (1 x 0.166667 = 0.166667 cubic feet) To cover 5 square feet at 2 inches depth; you will need 5 x 0.166667 =  0.8333335 cubic feet. It will cost you between $2.3 - $2.5 per bag of 0.75 CF depend on the brand and your zip code. 

We don't sell topsoil, but you can calculate and compare the initial costs of natural lawn vs. synthetic lawn installation and the maintenance comparison over the years of use at:


The upfront cost for artificial grass is more than real grass. However, over the long run given the savings on water and maintenances, more importantly, artificial grass provide more environmental benefits. To maintain the real grass by using lawn mowers, chemicals and pesticides, our air got polluted and our soil got contaminated, artificial grass will eliminate all those negative environmental impacts. 

You can find the true cost comparisons by visiting this link:

The cost of artificial grass and paver projects are very similar even though the materials cost can vary. The way of artificial grass being installed is very similar with that of pavers: excavation of soil ground, preparation of drainage base and compacted smooth surface, such installations require some hard labor along with bulk materials such as drain rocks and decomposed granites. Given such installation similarities, the cost of installing artificial grass and pavers can be compatible: Even though paver installations can take relatively longer as you need to lay them down piece by piece, but pavers won’t need other accessories such as seaming tape, glues, installation nails and infills which are needed for artificial grass installation. 

Generally speaking, the answer is yes! 60% of water cost for an average household goes to the thirsty lawns, just for the water bill itself in most of dry areas, the cost of artificial grass will be recruited within a few years. This works very similar as solar panels which can cost more upfront, but homeowners save money in a mid and long run, not to mention the savings from low maintenance. In many states, new house developers are having artificial turf as an upgrade already so homeowners or house buyers are considering such option as premium, such market and product awareness and acceptances should be considered as invisible values of artificial turf which increase the house valves accordingly. Some other states might be slower adapting to artificial turf but the overall trend of this industry is upward and all the benefits of turf products along with value added facts definitely make the investment on artificial turf a good one.


The cost of artificial turf project normally includes three sections: turf materials, installation materials such as infills, base materials, pads and other accessories and installation labor. Depends on where is the project, the overall project pricing can vary dramatically within a range of $5.00-$18.00 per sq ft. In dry climate areas, the supply of artificial turf is high and because of the drought and less rain, the requirement for a base building is minimum and the market becomes very competitive. Other areas that artificial turf is not very popular and not many professionals available or areas have a high cost of living, an artificial grass project can be on the more expensive side. It is always our suggestion to shop around and get at least 2-3 bids from different companies so you can choose from the best one. If you need help to find such distributors/dealers/installers in your area, we are here to help. You can reach us via the form online or email 24/7, we will be able to get you the best resources to choose from.


Thanks for asking this question! The answer is Yes, there is a rebate of $3.00 per sf if you live in Las Vegas, NV. 60% of a household's water bill goes to watering natural grass lawns. A lot of states on the west that has water supply concerns have incentives to replace grass with drought tolerated alternatives, and artificial turf is the perfect answer to that: you won't lose the beautiful "Lawn" look, and still get the rebate of $3.00 per square foot, up to 10,000 sf! This is the most generous rebate offer in the country and they normally set a budget for such rebates until used up before re-evaluating the program again, so hurry up to take advantage of this asap!

To help people in other major markets for artificial turf, please find the following summary and links:

Las Vegas, NV: Upgrade existing grass to water-smart landscaping and receive $3 per square foot of grass converted to xeriscape.

California: Up to $2 per square foot of removed and replaced turf will be rebated per eligible household.

Arizona: $200 per 1000 sq. ft. to convert non-residential turf to low water use landscape up to a maximum of $3000


You will have two options for your turf application:

1. Checking with us on discontinued SKUs and clearance items, most of the time, such products will be priced very low for liquidation: Once you get such information, you can check with our distributors/dealers near you to make a purchase.

2. If the above option is not available, the cheapest turf in our product lineup here at Global Syn-Turf is StarGrass-35. please go to this link for more details regarding this particular turf:

Please always feel free to fill out our online form for a free quote which can be the quickest way to get the best answers regarding your questions and finding you the nearest dealers:


Global Syn-Turf, Inc. is the leading artificial grass manufacturer in the world. However, we do NOT sell directly to the general public. There is many ways that you can purchase our turf products and accessories:

1. You can simply fill out your information by clicking on the following link, and one of our distributors/dealers in your area will reach out to you directly in a timely manner:

2. You can give us a call directly at 1-877-796-8873, and our representatives will be able to get your information and provide guidelines and nearby artificial grass distributors/dealers.

3. You can directly email us at: [email protected], we normally will get back to you within a 24 hours.

Our company has the biggest distribution networks in the USA with artificial grass distribution centers throughout of the country. Our turf distributors, dealers and installers provide the best possible customer services in the industry! Also, Global Syn-Turf has the biggest turf inventory in the world, we carry enough artificial turf products to cover all 32 NFL football fields twice!

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Artificial Grass Cost Calculator

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