Dutch Hedge
Dutch Hedge
Dutch Hedge
Dutch Hedge

Dutch Hedge

Made from finest-quality materials, Dutch Hedge artificial ivy panels can withstand extreme weather conditions, UV-resistant and durable. Create a realistic green wall indoor or outdoor. Dutch Hedge offers a premium look and feel.


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Dutch Hedge

Dutch Hedge artificial ivy panels are made from the finest quality materials and can withstand extreme weather conditions and excessive UV exposure. Create a realistic green wall indoor or outdoor. Dutch Hedge offers premium look and feel.

Premium Look & Finish

Dutch Hedge artificial ivy is a mixture of handcrafted finely detailed large multi-tone leaves; you can use to add greenery and texture to buildings, fencing, architectural features, and privacy walls.

Dutch Hedge is fashioned from premium quality material, and they look incredibly lifelike. They are quite dramatic and durable and do not require heavy upkeep. Chic and luxurious green privacy screens can help you to style up your indoor or outdoor decor and provide a relaxing backdrop for your outdoor space.

Instant Landscape Impact

The Dutch Hedge impacts your landscape instantly, adorning structures, adding privacy, and character to your exterior landscape design. Expertly arrange foliage looks natural and bold, adding a brilliant stroke to any indoor or outdoor area. Create a sense of mystery and intrigue in your residential or commercial space decor yet shield your space from the world.


  • Dark Green & Light Green
  • Size: 24" x 24"
  • Large Leaf (2-1/2" x 2-3/4" - 4" x 2-3/4", assorted leaf sizes)

Maximum UV protection

Dutch Hedge artificial ivy is built with maximum UV protection. Thick leaves, dense coverage, high-grade resin materials infused with UV inhibitors that will delay fading and discoloration make Dutch Hedge the most durable artificial ivy.


Dutch Hedge durable, weather resistance, and can withstand any climate extremes, from dry and hot sunny weather to freezing cold. It won't breakdown, degrade, or fade. Tightly attached to the surface, it won't be blown away by high winds.

Instant Privacy & Beauty

A delightful multi-tone green cover brings modern style and flair to any space with an added benefit of instant privacy. Conceal unsightly views or create a haven for your hospitality, senior living, retail, government, or healthcare space. The Dutch Hedge will create a stunningly, pleasing aesthetic setting loved by everyone.

Easy and Quick Installation

Dutch Hedge artificial ivy panels are constructed with a snap-to-lock backing grid system that is easy to connect, cut, and bend to fit any size or shape. Attach panels to the surface with screws (for wood, concrete, cinder block or stucco) or black zip ties (for chain link fences.)

Global Syn-Turf is available daily to assist and answer any questions you may have with your artificial ivy installation. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond when it comes to helping support our customers.

Various Applications

Create new spaces, limit visibility, or cover areas that do not blend with your design. Dutch Hedge is a great way to bring a fresh, playful vibe to any setting. It brightens up any space with a dramatic, bold look and feel. Dutch Hedge panels can be attached to virtually any surface, from vinyl or wooden fences to stucco, brick, cement, concrete walls and structures.

Ivy Maintenance

Artificial ivy required very little maintenance other than a gently cleaning once in a while. There is no watering or trimming. It wouldn't damage your walls as its natural counterpart while remaining green and lush all year long. To clean artificial ivy, hose, or wipe ivy with water. For stubborn dirt and stains, use soap or detergent.

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