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How do you anchor an artificial lawn?

| Jan 14 6:24 AM

How do you anchor an artificial lawn?

1 Answer

We recommend to use nails staples to anchor down the edges of artificial lawn at the installation. To have a proper installation done, you need to prepare nailing boards along the edges of the artificial lawn: some people use pressure treated lumbers and sticks to prepare the nailing bases along the perimeters of the lawn, others use concrete anchor bases to secure the nailing boards. Once you have nailing boards ready along the edges, you can start with one end by nailing the turf onto the boards and start your installation of turf. We recommend to use 5-7" of nails, both bright common and galvanized will work just fine, you can find the details information regarding nails here:

For normal installations, we don't require putting nails throughout the turf but only along the edges. To our knowledge,  certain installers will put some nails throughout of the lawn except for the perimeters, such practices can be case by case and more of experiences related.

As far as putting green installations, regular nails can't be used, we will recommend to anchor in the edges onto secured edge boards by using finished nailers which will not show the nail heads yet still provide tight anchoring for the installation.

Jan 15
This is very useful. Thank you so much for sharing this!
Jan 15
Saving this for later. Thanks
Jan 16
Bought the artificial grass pins to anchor down in place

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