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Is artificial turf worth the cost?

John Silva | Jan 9, 2020 8:02 AM

2 Answers

Generally speaking, the answer is yes! 60% of water cost for an average household goes to the thirsty lawns, just for the water bill itself in most of dry areas, the cost of artificial grass will be recruited within a few years. This works very similar as solar panels which can cost more upfront, but homeowners save money in a mid and long run, not to mention the savings from low maintenance. In many states, new house developers are having artificial turf as an upgrade already so homeowners or house buyers are considering such option as premium, such market and product awareness and acceptances should be considered as invisible values of artificial turf which increase the house valves accordingly. Some other states might be slower adapting to artificial turf but the overall trend of this industry is upward and all the benefits of turf products along with value added facts definitely make the investment on artificial turf a good one.

Purchasing one coz I'm tired of mowing.
I'd say it's worth the cost as you'll be able to save more in the long run.
The points raised on this are definitely good reasons to consider in getting an artificial turf. Nice one!
Cool! planning to install one in my backyard.

For most of states that artificial grass has become a trend, it definitely worth the investment. Not so sure about areas that still in the infancy stage of getting to know what artificial grass really is.