Artificial Grass

Tallahassee Florida
Cameron Nagelkirk

I work in the Tech Industry from my house and I was online looking at some of the artificial grass pictures on the Global Syn Turf website.  I emailed them and asked them to send me samples.  They referred a supplier of theirs in my city that actually had samples in their store.  So I drove down there to pick up the free samples and ended up talking to the Counter Guy who told me all about the installation process of artificial grass.  After hearing how much hard work was involved he referred me to a local installer who came over and looked at my yard.  He gave me what I thought was a reasonable bid and had about 500 sq. ft. installed in my back yard.  Now I have little to no maintenance and my grass looks green all day every day.  I highly recommend you call Global Syn Turf today to find a dealer in your area. 

Synthetic Grass Putting Green