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Which cleaning products are safe to use on our artificial grass?

| Feb 9 6:55 AM

I'm not comfortable washing my turf in using water, I feel like i'm not cleaning it enough. Can you recommend any cleaning products that is not too harsh for my turf?

1 Answer

Artificial grass is very durable and can be washed by any type of detergents that not abrasive. If you feel that simply using water is not going to do a thorough clean for your turf, I will suggest you to try with some mild detergent to see how the result will be, it regular mild detergent can do the job, you don't have to use more heavy duty type. Depending on the size of your artificial turf, I will always suggest you to use a garden hose, and get a hose attached bottle to fill with detergent, then simply spray! If you want to sanitize the turf or get rid of any smells, you can vinegar in the attached bottle and spray down the artificial grass! 

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Feb 10
My neighbor says he uses vinegar to clean his artificial turf and I want to try it out too. Not only it is cheap, but you can also buy it anywhere.
Feb 10
Wow. Mild detergent and vinegar is easily accessible. That is a very convenient way in cleaning the artificial grass.
Feb 11
We use the Nature's Miracle Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo to clean our artificial grass so it will smell good, since we installed it in our decking where we always hang out.
Feb 11
What I usually do is spray equal parts of water and vinegar. Vinegar does neutralize odor.
Feb 11
I am using all-purpose soap or dish soap in cleaning my artificial grass. It is effective in getting rid of the smell.
Feb 14
I use any cleaner and water and it works so fine!

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