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Can I put this as a carpet inside my room?

| Jan 13 5:40 PM

I'm renovating my space to make it feel greener. Was wondering if this feels soft on feet since I'm gonna place it under my bed

1 Answer

You sure can. Our products are designed to be used both for indoors and outdoors. Our artificial turf is free of harmful ingredients and totally safe for human and pets. When you are using our turf products indoors, you will not need any infills, the best way to install it inside the house would be exactly the same as how you install carpets. Also when using our turf products indoors, I will recommend to use shorter grass so it will be easier to clean stuff off and you can use vacuum on them as well.

Jan 14
+1 with the shorter grass. It's very hassle to clean if the grass is taller especially if you have kids eating on it.
Jan 14
This is good since I am planning to install an artificial grass indoor too.
Jan 14
I'd like to try this one day.
Jan 15
That looks good but I pass. I don't want to end up catching my dog doing his business in my room.
Feb 27
My mom used artificial grass as a centerpiece in our table. She cuts the grass to a square. It looks nice.

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