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Laysville Connecticut

I bought these to lay down for my dogs, and they love them. They are soft and look much better than dirt. It solved a big problem with the dogs killing the grass and then laying in the dirt.

Mayberry Village Connecticut

As a homeowner in Hartford County, CT, I wanted a turf that could handle our varied weather and still look great. GST's Cashmere 40 was the answer! It's incredibly soft and luxurious underfoot, which is a big hit with the family. The resilience and lush appearance have survived through seasonal changes beautifully. Plus, the minimal upkeep frees up my weekends. Really pleased with how it enhances our outdoor living space!

Merwinsville Connecticut

I used GST's Benderboard Stakes for my latest garden project, and they were exactly what I needed. These stakes are really sturdy, holding the bender board securely in place. Installation was a breeze, and they've done a great job of maintaining the shape and structure of my landscaping edges. Highly recommend if you're looking for reliable support in your yard work!

Kitemaug Connecticut

Sierra Pro 70 turf by Global SynTurf is a solid pick if you're after a natural-looking lawn without the hassle. It stands up well to foot traffic, feels soft, and stays vibrant through all kinds of weather. Simple to maintain and eco-friendly too-perfect for busy folks who still want a lush yard. Easy to install, it's a win for both residential and commercial spaces!

Melrose Connecticut

The GST Super Ivy has been a fantastic addition to my garden, providing lush, maintenance-free privacy. This artificial ivy hedge looks incredibly natural and dense, perfect for creating an instant green wall without waiting for real plants to grow. It's great for covering fences, walls, or creating sections within the garden.

What I love about it is how it withstands the elements, staying vibrant and intact without fading or shedding. Cleaning is simple-a quick spray with a hose keeps it looking fresh. For anyone looking to enhance their outdoor space with greenery that requires zero upkeep, the GST Super Ivy is a perfect choice.

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Waterbury Connecticut

Working with GST for the past 2 years has been incredible. We started our venture into the landscaping industry and with the help of GST's grass, we were able to generate sales very quickly. Their team is always super cooperative and knowledgeable. Some of the best sales reps I've encountered in the industry BY FAR. They know the game inside out and I am able to pass their info down to my customers clearly and quickly. Great 2 years so far, looking forward to many more to come.


Stamford Connecticut

Throughout my years of experience in the landscaping business, GST has been the only turf supplier that stood out. The reasoning is quite simple actually. They offer the biggest selection and their team is dedicated to helping the customer. With GST, everything is strictly business and there are rarely ever any hiccups within operations. Personally, consistency matters a lot to me and my customers so I will look forward to staying a GST partner in the future.


Norwalk Connecticut
Going to start off by saying that GST is an amazing supplier. Why? They offer great products at reasonable costs, but most importantly, their selection is HUGE. I've gotten to work with their team closely over the past few months and they are a joy to work with. Prior to becoming a GST partner, I was getting turf from smaller suppliers, which was fine but they were always out of stock of the items in high demand. It was just a bit too inconsistent for my liking. I would recommend taking a few samples and trying GST if you haven't already.

New Haven Connecticut

GST has been the most consistent supplier for me these past few years. During these tough times, it made me realize how important a consistent supplier is to have especially with many of the smaller suppliers shutting down during lockdown. However, GST has always been a constant in terms of supplying great turf at low prices. It gives me peace of mind knowing that my turf supplier will always be there when I need them.


Bridgeport Connecticut

The thing I love most about GST as a supplier and business partner is that they prioritize the customer first. They always ensure that any issues get resolved quickly and we're always satisfied with the order. The turf itself is very nice, the colors stand out to my customers when they're choosing between the different models. GST is also very conveniently located all over the US, which is nice, since it's rare to find a supplier with nationwide presence nowadays.


Hartford Connecticut
This company was so helpful on the phone and every time I called the most professional and knowledgeable person helped me.  You really can't find that kind of professionalism these days not knowing if the call center is located in anther county or something.  That is not true with Global Syn Turf, they are here in the US and have very professional staff working for them.  I ended up giving them my business and bought 2,500 square feet from their turf dealer here in Connecticut.

Stamford Connecticut

My name is Tammie and I live in Stamford, CT.  I have been researching artificial turf company for at least 5 months now.  In this process I learned what companies were actual manufacturers of artificial turf and which ones where resellers.  Of the manufactures I got samples of the different turfs and Global Syn Turf's artificial grass varieties were by far the most realistic samples I saw.  Once I decided on their SuperNatural 80 turf they referred me to a dealer here in Connecticut.  The local dealer came out and gave us an estimate.  We put our deposit down and three weeks late we had our turf installed.  I never knew I would be so happy with artificial turf in my back yard, but I am.  No mowing, no maintenance, no watering, no allergies, etc.  I have done the research and my advise is to call Global Syn Turf and give them a try.

Waterbury Connecticut

This company is professional right from the start after calling their 800 number.  I called Global Syn Turf's artificial turf supplier here in Connecticut for a free estimate and to see samples.   Their prices were inline or lower than most installers in the area.  I was especially surprised at how nice and realistic the artificial grass samples were.  The installation company left large samples for us to keep and look at for a week to see which ones we liked and which ones we did not like.  We ended up having the Olive 92 StemGrass installed and it looks amazing.  The turf is tall and lush just like real grass.  I want to thank everyone involved for a job well done.


Stamford Connecticut

I have been considering artificial turf for my yard for a long time now.  Finally I got online and found Global Syn Turf.  Global Syn turf answered my email right away and referred me to a local dealer who satisfied all of my needs.  Thanks and a 5 star rating.


Bridgeport Connecticut

We had Dan come out and give us an estimate.  He works for a Global Syn Turf dealer here in Bridgeport.  It was so hard to find anyone in this area that does turf.  I recommend this company to anyone.  


Bridgeport Connecticut

A  friend of mine had artificial turf installed in their yard and it looked amazing.  I literally did not know it was real until he told me.  I asked him if he would refer me the name of the company which he did.  Global Syn Turf picked up the phone on the first try and they girl who answered the phone was so nice and helpful.  She referred me to their artificial turf distributor in the Connecticut area.  When I called them they picked up on the first call as well.  As it turns out they were 10 minutes away from me so I drove down their and picked up some free samples.  I ended up buying a 15' x 30' piece of the Global Syn Turf grass.  I put half of it on my back patio and put my patio table and chairs on it and the other half on the side of the house for my dog.  Thank to my neighbor for referring me Global Syn Turf.


Bridgeport Connecticut

The landscaping and turf installation business is very competitive here in Bridgeport. Lots of unique residential homes and commercial projects always looking for the lowest price for the highest quality product. It's not easy to compete with everyone undercutting each other, but thankfully I found a supplier that's able to give me the edge and provide exactly what my customers need. That supplier is GST. I could not believe the range of products they had available, how quickly they were able to deliver, and how professional their team was. The quality has never disappointed, and when I explain to my customers the value they get from using GST turf, it no longer becomes a discussion about price, but about how pleased they are with what they're getting.


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