Diamond Blade

Diamond Blade Artificial Grass unique blades design realistic natural look and feel

Diamond Blade is one of the most popular choices in the artificial grass industry for two reasons. One, the diamond-shaped edge of the grass blade makes it look more realistic. And two, the durability of Diamond-shaped fibers is significantly stronger than other flat triangle blades while maintaining a softness to the touch. Artificial grass leaves manufactured using Diamond Blade technology have a range of qualities valuable for use in commercial and residential landscape projects and playgrounds with medium to high traffic.

Monofilament turf fibers (which have emerged as a popular alternative to slit film) that are manufactured in a Diamond shape, when viewed in cross-section, provide the performance and resilience you want. While the Diamond blade is the first type of fiber used in the sports industry, it’s also made an extreme leap forward in synthetic turf durability. Manufactured through a proprietary process, Diamond-shaped grass blades do not split, making it the best choice for high-use areas both indoor and outdoor.

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