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How to get HOA to approve artificial grass in California?

| Dec 17, 2019 6:44 AM

1 Answer

Well HOAs are different from one to another. Some of the HOAs have less strict rules. In California, most of the HOAs are ok with artificial grass installations in the backyard without much of information needed. When it comes to the front yard, some HOAs can be more serious about what kind of artificial grass you put in. You can always download all the necessary information for HOAs to review at this link:

And keep mind that it is not legal for the HOAs to decide that you can't install artificial grass in your property! Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill into law for water conservation in 2015: Assembly Bill 2104. Here is the news link for the bill:

My HOA doesn't care anything we do in the backyard, only need to run by them for front yard though.
My HOA doesn't care about that and quite a few houses in my community with artificial grass. And they didn't even talk about it at the HOA meetings.
As an installer, we sometimes have to help homeowners to provide information needed.
My HOA doesn't care about the fake grass, as long as drought tolerated landscaping.
We don't have HOA here.
If you are close by, we don't mind to present at your HOA meeting on artificial grass concerns.
Good for California! You have a bill. I have a problem with HOA in North Carolina. Ideas , anyone?
I don't have any issues with my HOA for my front yard, and I live in San Diego, California.
Great links!