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Our re-engineered Cool Blue Hollow series of artificial grass is made of fibers with a hole in it (like a straw), such fiber design will help trapping moistures inside the fiber and keep the temperature down after water being sprayed on. TCool is an infill product that will help dramatically reduce the heat of the turf once applied, the Cool Blue Hollow products and the TCool infills are not contradicted one another, definitely can be used together to achieve the ultimate cooling results. So I will always to recommend both for the best cooling effectiveness of your artificial grass surface. Please feel free to call (877 796 8873) or email ([email protected]) for any other questions, or fill out this online form to get connected with one of artificial grass experts:


The typical testings done on our artificial grass and the purposes of such testings can be summarized as bellow: 

1. Lead/Heavy Metal testings: harmful ingredients such as lead and other heavy metals can’t be presented in a turf product at higher level than the strictest government requirements.

2. Tuft Bind: showing how strong the glue and backing hold the turf fibers, the higher the value, the stronger hold of the fibers and less chances of fibers become loose and fall out.

3. Permeability: shows how well the turf will drain when water presents.

4. Flammability: shows if the turf products are flammable.

5. Grab Test: shows how strong is the turf fiber

6. GMax: shows what kind of fall ratings the turf products can achieve.

As you might have seen these testings under each product on this link:, please feel free to contact us by phone, email ([email protected]) if you have any other questions, or fill out this online form for estimates:


I will recommend one if the following artificial grass to be used for golf fringe to go with your ProPutt-44 artificial green:

1. Pet Turf (yes, Pet Turf, being short and durable, it is great for the fringe!)

2. UBlade-60

3. Trainers Turf

These three are for typical short fringes, however, if you would like something a bit taller, I will recommend our SBlade-66.

For any additional questions, please feel free to call, email ([email protected]), or simply fill out this online form:


We have very limited quantities of colored turf in stock, you will need to make sure double check on the availabilities before ordering any. The typical colors of artificial grass besides green are white, black and blue. The specs on these colored products are the same as our Trainer Turf, here is the link for our Trainers Turf specifications:

Please contact us by phone or email ([email protected]) if you have any other questions, or simply fill out this online form:


All our artificial grasses have the permeability at the range between 50-90 inches per hour which is considered as excellent by the industry’s standard. Among all the turf products, our Pet Turf will have the highest draining capacity. You will be able to find all the permeability reports on each of our product at this link:

Please always feel free to contact us by phone, email ([email protected]) or simply fill out this online form:


Depends on your order: if you are picking up just a roll or two of turf, it will normally take about 10 minutes to load you up. If your order has multiple items with turf and infills and other accessories, it might take a bit longer. In general, we are trying our best to get our customers in and out as quickly as possible. Please be aware that you will need to place your orders with our distributors or dealers ahead of time to allow us enough time to prepare your orders. It is not a good idea to be at the warehouse and placing orders with the stores at the same time, cutting turf and getting orders ready can take some longer time.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions by phone, email ([email protected]) or this online form:


I don’t think you will need any additional materials for our Trainers Turf installations.  Just follow the same procedures of normal artificial grass installations, you will be fine. To answer your question about holding the turf in place: First, you will need to make sure having the parameters of the turf to be secured with nails, every 4-6” apart for nailing schedule; Secondly, you will need to add at least 2 lbs of infills per square foot throughout the turf surface, you might need a bit more if you are using the turf for sport applications: the more the better. Trainers turf is a short blade product which is not necessarily with professionally required GMax ratings with regular infills, so you might want to add paddings underneath the turf to provide sufficient cushions and achieve the fall rating requirements. If you have a designer or architect for your project, he or she should have all these specs and requirements spelled out for the project, and you can always feel free to send such information directly to us at [email protected] so we can better assist you, or please just fill out this online form to get connected with one of our experts:


Well, I hope you have some special application purposes for the artificial grass to be very shinny. Most of our products are “delustered” which means we intentionally engineered and made them less shinny so they won’t look “plastic”. Theoretically, fibers with less profiles should be visually a bit more shinny than the more complicated shaped fibers. By that said, our diamond blade shaped turf should be your choice, namely our Cashmere series. However, one thing you would want to keep in mind is that after a while, under normal weathering and usage/traffic, all artificial grass will get “dull”, again, we consider such less shinny appearance as a benefit than a shortcoming, at the end of the day, we want to make our turf to look as natural as possible. Please feel free to contact us by phone, email ([email protected]) or fill out this online form if you have any further questions:


Generally speaking you can use any artificial grass for the wall decorations. However, I personally would recommend you to use our Trainers Turf: you don’t need to go with turf that with long piles for walls as there won’t be any visual differences between tall and short blade grasses, our Trainers Turf has shorter blades and is fairly dense; also, Trainers Turf has all green fibers without the brownish thatch blades: you will look into the grass directly while it is on a wall, an all green appearance without any brown thatch will give you the best results, our Trainers Turf will just give you that. To learn more details about our Trainers Turf artificial grass, please visit this link:

Please feel free to cal or email us at [email protected] if you have any other questions, or simply fill out this online form:


Absolutely! People use our artificial putting greens for tennis courts all the time. You can use any of our three putting green products for tennis court applications. I will recommend the Putt-60Bicolor as it is thicker and requires less infills on it. The other two putting green products will work out well as well by adding a bit more infills. If you have any questions regarding each product, please visit this link: We can also help you with any installation questions regarding your project, just feel free to call or email us at [email protected], or simply fill out this online:


Yes, you can use our SuperNatural artificial grass for sports. Softness is not equal to durability: soft artificial grass won’t be less durable according to our tests, however softer blades will lay down faster than stiff blades. When using SuperNatural product for sport applications, I will always recommend to use SuperNatural-60 which is less dense and easier to put infills in them. If you have any other specific questions regarding this topic, please contact us by phone, email ([email protected]) or this online form: for more expert’s recommendations.


Olive is one of our key color definitions for certain artificial grass product lineup. All of our Olive grasses are actually with two colors: Olive Green and Emerald Green. Such color combination makes the turf look more of “Olive” therefore, we name the series as Olive. I would say most of our Olive grasses are made of the same color pigments, however, the shapes of the fibers are engineered differently, Olive-92Stemgrass has the fiber with a stem in it, while Olive-51 has the fiber shaped “Diamond”. Given the differences of the fiber shapes, thickness and pile height, even using the same color pigments, the overall appearance can be very different which makes our artificial grass product lines so versatile and vibrant! 

We are here to help, please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions by phone, email: [email protected], or simply fill out this online form:


The only two edging materials we carry are bender board and Wonderedge, please see the link for these two materials below, when getting the bender board, you will need the stakes to go with it:

I am not sure what exactly are you referring to as “white” edges which I don’t think we ever have, nor any white rocks. The best approach to your question is that for you to email us a picture of the item you saw at [email protected], and we will get back to you with accurate answers ASAP, thank you for your question.


Very unfortunately, it is very unlikely to find the matching color of the artificial putting green installed 5 years ago. Even though we still have the same product meaning we haven’t done any changes to that particular product, there is no chance that we will have the same dyelot (production batch) available now. After 5 years of wear and tear, even the exact same product to be put next to it: the difference between and used will be very noticeable. I have to say that trying to match what you currently have will be the wrong direction to go in your case. I will suggest you to email us or fill out this online form with further details about your project so we can try our best to help you further:


You can use any infills on our Cashmere turf knowingly that the purpose of infills are providing extra weight on the artificial grass to minimize expansions and contractions and also helping the turf to stand up better. In any cases, you won’t need to worry about infills will take away the softness of your Cashmere turf. We do offer different type of infills for different purposes, the following summary will help you to decide what kind of infill will be best to fit your needs:

1. Regular silica sand: least expensive, brown color, serve the general infill purpose. 

2. Green Colored Sand: with dark green color coating over regular silica sands, this will blend in better with your green artificial grass.

3. Zeolite infill: it is a natural mineral which can help neutralizing the pet odors, so if you have dogs, this might be your best choice.

4. Wonderfill: this is green colored coated sand with antimicrobial agent to minimize the germs and bacterias. 

5. TCool: this is a product with cooling agents coated over sand which can dramatically reduce the heat of your artificial grass especially during hot days.

We offer free consultations on all your product and installation needs, please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions by phone, email or this online form:


Our Cashmere and Supernatural series are almost totally different type of artificial grass. They are very different from almost every specification, in general, Cashmere is a softer product, but Supernatural is more realistic. In my personal experiences, once both products installed and in a normal warn weather day, you will feel very similar softness. I will recommend you to check out the specifications and product descriptions from the following links:

Or, to get all these artificial grass samples to physically feel and check them out. You can call or email us with your request, or simply fill out this online form so we can get you connected with a local distributor/dealer from whom you can get your free samples fast:


Our S Blade-90 artificial grass is well known for its “delustered” effect which means it doesn’t look as shinny, rather more realistic than most of the artificial grass products offered by our competitors on the market. The shape of the fiber is “S”, when the sunlight hit on the fibers, the “S” shaped fiber will reflect the lights from “lines” instead of “areas” (when the sunlight shines on a flat surface, the light will be reflected from a flat area which makes surface shinny as mirror). Being a flagship artificial grass on our lineup, not only this S Blade series is less shinny, more realistic but it is also very durable and resilient, this product also has long lifespan. Once installed, you can enjoy this beautiful product for the long time to come!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other further questions by phone, email or this online form:


Absolutely, you can use the Trainers Turf for your regular lawn applications. The Trainers Turf is really a multi-purpose artificial grass, it is a bit shorter than other artificial lawn turf, but it has all green thatching which makes it “greener” than other brown thatched artificial lawns. Just to be 100% sure that you will like the Trainers Turf, I will recommend you to contact us by phone, email or this online form so we can connect you with a local distributor near you to get some free samples:


As the manufacturer of all these artificial grass, we haven’t changed any names of our product from the manufacturer level, however, some of the distributors might privately rename them products which is totally fine with us. If you can please email us the name of the supplier you are working with, we will be able to verify the product for you, here is the email address: [email protected], thank you very much.


Generally speaking, we have only one backing system: primary backing which is the polypropylene cloth and secondary backing which is the glue. However, we do have two different type of glues for secondary backing: polyethylene base glue to be used on all our Full Recycle products, and polyurethane glues for all other products. As far as backing colors go, we use black colored polyurethane glues, clear color for Full Recycle series and blue color on our Cool Blue series. It will be a great idea to get some samples of these different products, please call or email us for your sample inquiries or simply fill out this online form:


The only green backing artificial grass products we have are our brand new Full Recycle Series! I just barely release this product series onto the market and all the information is now available on our website. You can definitely find all the details on the following links as there are two different products of this series:

Our brand new Full Recycle artificial grass is the most revolutionary products we introduced this year, the entire product is made of recyclable materials and can be recycled 100%. With environmental sustainability in mind, after years of R&D, we are very excited to finally get this series to the market. The green color is the color of the primary backing, the secondary backing (which is the glue) is clear and PE based that can be recycled along with the entire turf product. 

Please let us know if you have any further questions by phone, email or this online:


There are some pros and cons for each type of artificial grass when using it for playground applications. Here are my opinions: 

1. Using artificial grass with shorter blades: reality proves that shorter blade turf will be better for playgrounds due to heavy activities and usages.

2. Using artificial grass that can resist better on wear and tear.

3. It is a wrong expectation for grass that never will lay down, such expectation shouldn’t be for a playground turf. More importantly, regardless the turf will lay down or not given heavy traffics and usages, you want the fibers to be acting consistently.

4. Infills is needed not only for help to stabilize the artificial grass, but also increase the resilience of turf fibers while providing additional cushions. In order to easily blend in infills, lower weight (or less dense) turf is preferred.

By what said above, a lot of our products with face weight less than 60 oz will fit the bill. To learn more details about our products, please visit this link:

We are here to help by providing free consultations on our artificial grass products and installations, please feel to call or email us or fill out this online form if you have any further questions:


For the most detailed descriptions and functions of our Pet Odor Neutralizer, please visit this link:

In general summary: Our Pet Odor Neutralizer is specifically designed for use with artificial grass, it is liquid product packed in two different sized bottles: 32 oz and 1 gallon. The 32 oz bottle comes with a garden hose attachment to make the spraying easy. The product is live enzymes with the scent of fresh cut grass, one of the best neutralizers on the market. For any further questions or concerns, please call, email or fill out this online form:


We are the manufacturer of artificial grass and not in the retail market therefore, we don’t have stores to sell to general public even though we have our distribution centers nationwide. All of our distributors/dealers have their own storefronts and dealing with retail customers, and you can find them at almost any corner of the country. Most of our distributors carry displays and samples and some of them with inventories. The best way to get you connected with a local store near you is for you to fill out this online form and we will take care of the rest:


We have about total 40 different artificial grass products for applications ranging from landscape, playgrounds, pets to sports. You can find all of our product information along with specifications, pictures and testings on our website: once you click on the product tab, you will see all the different applications of our artificial grass. On each product page, you can find all the information related to that particular product. If you have any specific questions or concerns regarding our products, please feel free to call, email or simply fill out this form:


I will assume that you meant the artificial grass putting green surface to be smooth so the golf ball will roll consistently and fast. By that said, yes, our artificial putting greens are the best you can find on the market! We have three main putting greens products with face weight ranging from 44 oz to 60 oz.. All three putting green products have very similar ball movement consistencies and speed. On the stimpmeter, without any infills, the ball speed ranging from 8 to 10 feet; with infills, the golf ball speed can get up to 14 ft or so. The colors are different from these three putting greens: Pro Putt-44 is mid tone green, Pitt-46Bicolor is light green and Putt-60Bicolor is dark green. You can find the details of all three putting greens on this link:

For any other questions or if you would like to get some samples from one of our local distributors, please contact us by phone, email or this online form:


You must have meant Wonderedge vs bender board. Both products are used for artificial grass edging and there isn’t clear advantages from one over the other, but the followings are what my opinions:

1. Wonderedge is specially designed and made for artificial grass applications, it is made of plastic, overall product is thinner and lighter in weight which make it extremely easy to bend and making shape along the edges. The product’s profile is very artificial grass friendly with nailing flaps to secure the turf in place. Again, being specially designed and made, Wonderedge doesn’t have any shortcomings when comes to artificial grass edging finishes.

2. Benderboard is a very common edging material generally used in the landscape world, a lot of landscapers are familiar with the products and used to its installations. Bender board is normally used along with the stakes which to secure the bender board in place. The bender board, a more general purpose edging material, is much thicker and a bit harder to bend compare to Wonderedge. Overall, people might have a feel of bender board being more solid and sturdy.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions by phone, email or this online form:


Absolutely! I will recommend our supernatural series of artificial grass to you. These are the most realistic looking artificial turf on the market, if grass is what you are looking for, this will never fall out of trend! We have two different specs on this series, here are the links to the products:

To better further assist you, please feel free to call or email us or simply fill out this online form:


Artificial grass used to be a by-product of carpet before it became its own industry 10 years ago. By that said, a lot of specifications are the same as carpet. The main factors from the artificial grass manufacturer’s standpoint for qualities are the density of the yarns and thickness (translated into faceweight) of the turf. In plain explanations: the heavier of the face weight and thicker of the yarns, the better of the quality of the artificial grass. This is more of in general terms. The reality is that certain products have more advanced technologies associated with it or with special designs, ingredients and manufacturing process which can also be part of product quality matrix determinations. We will be more than happy to provide you with more details regarding your questions and concerns, please feel free to contact us by phone, email or the online form:


The Wonderfill is a brand for the type of infill: sands coated with antimicrobial agent, such infill can prevent germs and bacteria from growing on artificial grass. For more details, please visit this link:

We are here to help, please feel free to contact us by phone, email or this online form if you have any further questions:


For indoor artificial grass applications, I always want to recommend products with shorter blades. The most commonly used indoor artificial grass are Trainers Turf, Pet Turf and SBlade-50 from our product lineup. Shorter blade artificial grasses are more like high pile indoor carpets, and people can treat them the same as far as cleaning and maintenance concerns. 

It depends on what type of surface you have indoors for the artificial grass, installation methods might be different, please provide more detailed information on the size of your application along with the current surface type (concrete or wood or ?) by phone, email or this online form, so we can provide further consultations on your requires:


Yes, we sell our artificial grass all over the world! For some countries, the logistics can be challenging from time to time. My suggestion is that you can please fill out this online form, and one of our international sales professionals can reach out to you to help with specifics such as product selections, international shipping and etc.:


Since we sell our artificial grass products through distributors and dealers only, we might have to redirect you to the local distributor/dealer from where you will order our products. I believe different distributors/dealers have their own return and exchange policies. As the manufacturer of artificial grass, we offer a 15 year limited warranty to cover the end users. People can reach our claims department for all their product warranty issues. 

Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns by phone or emails, thanks.


As far as I know we have not patented any of the our unique technologies yet. Being in a very small industry, there are really not many copiers out there who have striking distance with our technologies and products. Artificial grass products are pretty fast changing, new technologies and products become available almost every year which make the old versions obsolete: under such circumstances, patenting makes less sense especially given the fact of how long it takes to get the patent approved. However, we have trademarked most of our brands and products to protect our intellectual valvues.  There are quite a few new generation products along with new technologies in the pipeline coming up this year and next, we are very excited to about bringing these new innovations onto the marketplace.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via phone, email or this online form if you have any further questions:


As far as the functionality of golf ball movements, all our artificial putting greens have the same results. You can choose any of the three main putting greens we offer: Pro Putt-44, Putt-46BiColor and Putt-60BiColor. You only need to choose your color preferences. Please let us know if you would like to get connected with a local distributor/dealer so you can see or get some free samples before you make you purchase by phone, email or this online form, thank you:


Well, this is a difficult question. All artificial grass will eventually flattened given heavy and consistent traffic, especially there’s no “breaks” between the traffics in which situation, there is no chance given for the turf to spring back up. I will recommend short diamond shaped blade turf for such applications: diamond shaped turf are typically softer and easier to lay down, but at least it will be more consistent in when they stand up or lay out in a uniformed fashion. Some of the other more stiff blades designs have much better resiliencies which handles heavy traffic well when there are breaks between traffics which allow the turf to spring back up especially such breaks given in a warm weather. Most of our artificial grass can handle normal “heavy traffics” very well, and they all have good resiliences to tend to stand back up. We assume most of the applications will be “normal”, only in rare situations, heavy consistent traffics will flatten the turf down fast and hard to brush them back up: this is very similar as placing something heavy on a carpet, a pressing mark will present, consistent heavy traffic without stop will make it difficult for the turf to keep standing up regardless which type you choose. Again, in such cases, short and softer products will be my recommendation. Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or this online form if you have any other questions:


I will suggest you to go with our Pet Turf: this product is engineered dog applications. It is very durable, the fibers are “U” shaped with great resilience; it is also short so make it easy to pick up the solids on it. The permeability is absolutely excellent with a drainage capacity up to 120 inches per hour! However, please be aware that the consistent digging still can damage the turf, all artificial grass products on today’s market are made of plastic materials, strong abuse will damage it. Also, you will need to train your dogs not to chew or eat the turf, even though our products are perfectly safe for dogs to play on, but they are not meant for being swallowed or eaten which can hurt your dogs. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions by phone, email or this online form to get connected with one of our experts:


It is a really good question, but hard to have a simple answer for you! I will say most of our artificial grass products are selling well across the nation, certain areas prefer certain colors or softness or thickness, other parts of the country might be price driven only. A product can be popular in on state, but not so much in other states. That is why we have many different combinations of products to fit all different demands in regards of geographical locations and population’s budgets. The best way to approach this and answer your question is that for you to fill out this online form with your address so we can get back to you with the top product suggestions For your area:

Please let me know if you have any further questions, thank you.


Artificial putting greens need to have the following capacities and functionalities to be considered as high quality:

1. Ball speed: must have capacity to achieve whatever speed desires

2. Ball consistency: must have capacity to provide consistent ball rolling consistency

3. Low ball bouncing: must have good absorption to minimize ball’s bounce.

4. Great color options to replicate real grass greens

5. Flexible enough for installations with slopes and different terrains.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions by phone, email or this online form:


Yes, our artificial ivy is made from the same materials as our artificial grass. The main raw materials are polyethylene and polypropylene. With anti-UV agents in the mix, our artificial ivy can last a long time. But the way of manufacturing artificial ivy and turf are two totally different and we make both products in house with the same high quality standard!

Please let us know if you have any further questions, thank you.


The polyurethane glue we use for our artificial grass products are very strong! We call the glue layer of artificial grass “secondary backing” which serves the purpose of not only holding the grass fibers together, but also provide extra stability. The polyurethane glue won’t react to moistures, so it will last you a long time even it directly touching the ground. To measure the strength of the polyurethane glue on artificial grass, the industry has a specific term for it: Tuft Bind. The higher the tuft bind number, the better holds it provides. You can find the tuft bind testing data on all our artificial grass products on our website at this link, once on this page, click on the product name and you will see a window with all categories showing up and you can click on the tuft bind testing:

Our average tuft bind is about 10-12 lbs which is really way above the industry standard (The industry standard is at about 7-8 lbs). 

To answer your second part of the questions, the polyurethane glue does get a bit stiffer during the cold weather and softer during hot weather, but once installed, the glue will be underneath facing the ground, you won’t really see any of such physical changes. More importantly, temperatures changes won’t affect the functions of the glue.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions by phone, email or this online form:


The main differences are:

1. The colors: RM-84 has a lighter and more vibrant green color to it, which simulates newer and fresher grass lawns; while the Double W has a darker green color which replicates more mature grass looks.

2. The shape of the fibers are different, RM-84 fibers have a “M” shaped profile, and Double W-85 fibers have a shape of “WW”.

Both products are top grade and considered the best on the market, as far as functionalities, durabilities, permeabilities and other specs, both products are very similar.

Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or this online form if you have any further questions, thank you:


Most of artificial grass on today’s market are made of polyethylene and polypropylene resins which essentially are plastic products. Just like any other plastic products, artificial grass will melt given enough heat which can come from various sources such as sunlight reflections and etc.. on average, the melting point of artificial grass is at between 190-210 degrees F. 

Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or this online form:


We have the largest artificial grass inventory in the world! At any given time, we keep an inventory level at about 7-10 million square feet throughout our distribution centers nationwide. To put such inventory numbers into perspective, artificial grass we have on hand can cover 32 NFL fields twice! Some of our distributors/dealers also carry their own inventories to serve local markets, therefore you will have a peace of mind with availabilities of our artificial grass products, we always have every product in stock ready to go! Please contact us by phone, email of this online form for any further questions, thank you:


Both S Balde and W Blade artificial grass are made with engineered fibers, and Global Syn-Turf is the pioneer of these engineered blade with the products named after them. If you take a closer look at the cross section of the fibers, you will see the clear S and W profiles. As finished products, they both share the following common advantages vs traditional flat fibers:

1. More resilient, standing up well 

2. With less shinny and plastic look, very natural appearance 

3. Durable and suitable for almost all type of applications

The main differences between these two products are that W Blade tends to reflect the heat better therefore it is less hot than S Blade; the S Blade has a bit a softer feel on touching than W Blade; and the color on S Blade simulate more natural grass but W Blade’s color is more fresh and vibrant.

For more professional consultations, please contact us by phone, email or this online form, thank you:


Generally speaking, under normal use, artificial putting greens last just as long as regular artificial grass. However, people might notice that artificial putting greens have a bit shorter warranty than regular grass, this is because some of the putting greens being used rather more heavily, especially when people stoke putters and clubs on the surface improperly which can damage the greens and shorten its lifespan. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns by phone, email or this online form:


UV testing on artificial grass is a very length process which is normally done at our factory. In order to achieve the results of having turf to withhold its color and integrity for 15 years, such product samples should be in a UV testing chamber for at least 4-6 month. We have multiple of such UV testing chambers in our factory, and we conduct UV testing on all of our products: We test every production run of yarns and every production run on finished product, I mean EVERY single product run will be tested! We have the most stringent and vigorous testing procedures in the entire industry to ensure our product qualities to be the simple best on the market. In such a UV testing chamber, accelerated UV to simulate the sunlight will be produced, also we set the environment of the chamber with other weather patterns such as fogs, moistures and rains on a preferred interval of time, so the results of testing on all our artificial grass product can be as close as to reality. Such thorough testing provide us a perfect trace on all the products out there should any problem occurs: we know exactly what production batch, the testing results, in turn to trace down the production lines finding about materials mix, crews working on such production and therefore to identify the cause of the problems and so to solve them. In another word, such UV testing will not only ensure our turf products’ top qualities but also a tool for ourselves to enhance our production and quality control process.

Please feel free to reach us via phone, email or this online form if you have any further questions or comments:


Yes, we ship our products nationwide, please provide your zip code so we can be sure. In the meantime, it will be greatly helpful if you can fill out this online form so our team will get back to you asap, thank you:


Our Pet Turf artificial grass can drain up to 120 inches per hour which is a bout 10 times of downpours of a category 5 hurricane! Actually all of our turf can drain super well and whatever the water pour, Pet Turf’s capacity simply doubles that. One point people need to be aware is that your artificial grass drains as well as your base. Regardless the excellent drainage capacity of your Pet Turf, if you don’t build your sub base correctly, you will never achieve the ultimate results. There is a saying in the turf industry: your grass is as good as its base gets”. We need to look at artificial grass and it’s installations as “system”, not the grass product alone. With a good system done properly, your artificial grass will perform at its best, same theory applies to Pet Turf and its drainage capacity. You can find a lot of installation tips on our website along with primary guidelines. Also, a lot of interesting shot video clips about artificial grass installations can be found on this YouTube channel:

As always, please feel free to contact us by phone, email or this online form for any other questions you might have:


Our WBlade and Riviera Monterey series offer the best cooling technology. On an average, artificial grass from these two series can be cooler be 5 degrees F. However, if you would like to keep the turf cool during hot weather days, I will recommend you not only to choose the artificial grass with cool technology but also with infills named TCool. Here is the link for our TCool infill product:

Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or this online form for any further questions or concerns:


Hi, Neil, if you are an existing customer, please send your order to our order desk. If you are not a customer and would like to find out where to get the sand infills, please fill out this online form and we will get back to you ASAP, thank you:


Our artificial grass putting green can be as close as possible to real green on the market. By looking at the putting green’s functionalities and performances, here are some of the comparisons between our artificial putting greens to the real real greens:

1. Ball speed: you can get the same ball speed on our artificial greens 

2. Ball consistency: you can achieve the same consistency of ball movements on our greens

3. Contour and slopes: you can build your greens with our product to simulate exactly how the real grass green can be: this will require a lot of experiences and expertise from the installer, not everyone can do the job.

4. Handling the chip shots or taking shots: this is an weak point of artificial putting greens compared to the real green grass. An average installation won’t give you the same absorbent as a real grass green will, when you hit a chip shot or shot from a distance, the balls can bounce at a much higher rate on an artificial green than that on a real grass green. However, there are ways to make an artificial green absorb the shots similar to real greens which will take even more sophisticated designs and preparations such as using a different type of artificial grass product called bent grass, with an inch thick infills or even with shock pads underneath the putting greens. Again, the installation on such can be tricky and requires a lot of experiences. We can recommend you with such high skilled installers for your applications, please feel free to contact us by phone, email or this online form:


Freshcut is a product we have developed with our partners to eliminate the pet odors on artificial grass. It is enzyme based and designed to neutralize pet odors with a scent of fresh grass cut. This product comes with a garden hose attachment so you can simply connect and spray down the areas that have pet smell issues, your artificial grass lawn will smell like a freshly cut grass! To learn more about our Pet Deodorizer, please visit this link or contact us via phone or email:


Our supernatural series artificial grass will be your ideal choice, it is the best turf you can find on today’s market, period. Our supernatural product has more than 6 colors and 4 different shaped fibers in them, you won’t be able to find such crazy combinations on the market, we are the inventor of this kind of artificial grass, and leading the industry by miles. The supernatural turf is not only the most realistic looking, but also functions well: all fibers in the products are engineered, with special designed shapes to ensure resilience and durability. The feel of the product is also perfect, not too stiff, not too soft, just right. Like all other artificial grass we produce, our supernatural series come with ample anti-UV ingredients to enhance their color and overall lifespan. You simply won’t go wrong with this top notch product! Please feel free to reach us via phone, email or this online form for any further questions or comments:


The main raw materials used in artificial grass are PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) which are the resins for l a lot of plastic products. However, to make superior artificial grass, there are other agents and additives are required. To name couple, anti-UV agent which preserves the color and integrity of turf fibers from sunlights; additives to make the artificial grass more resilient and durable. During the past decades, engineers at Global Syn-Turf has developed and implemented many revolutionary technologies to hence our products which made us the company with the best and most complete product offering on today’s market. You can find all the detailed product specifications and testings, please visit this link:

Or reach us via phone, email or this online form:


We have our distribution centers throughout the country to serve almost every major markets. Please be aware that these are distribution centers not sales outlets, here are the location link for your reference:


Yes, as the manufacturer of artificial grass, we can make almost any colored turf, but there is a “catch”: special colored turf needs to be customized, such customizations can be a rather long and expensive, especially the quantities are small, the cost of such customizations might not be justified. However, we do have some colored turf made before, for those already made colored, the process will be shortened greatly, therefore cost of making them can be cheaper than a full color-match project, but still will be more than regular productions. 

From time to time, we may have some leftover colored turf in stock, but not a guarantee. Besides green colored artificial grass, the white color will be the only type we keep an inventory with. 

The best way to find out what colored turf we have in stock is to reach us directly with phone, email or this online form:, our expert will be able to help answering your questions and finding solutions for your requests.


Global Syn-Turf is the pioneer of the artificial grass industry and we are the first company to introduce engineered blades by naming our products with the shape of the blades.

The benefits of engineered blades are:

1. It reflects the lights differently do the artificial grass won’t look as shinny so their appearances are more realistic.

2. Given the fact of fibers being engineered with shapes, your artificial grass is much more resilient and stands up much better.

3. Engineered blades will also take wear and tear better and prolong the lifespan of artificial grass.

Overall, the engineered blades which designed with different shapes are not only perfectly replicate real grass but also dramatically enhance the performance and functionality of our artificial turf.

Please feel free to reach us via phone, email or this online form if you have any further questions, thank you:


This is a really good question. We categorize our artificial grass products in several ways: by applications, by colors, by regions:

1. Artificial grass applications: landscape, sports, pets, golf

2. Colors: lighter green, medium tone and dark green

3. Artificial grass is made to replicate real grass, the real grass can be different from regions to regions, from Kentucky Blue to St. Augustine to Rye.

Given above considering factors, we have to offer a full range of artificial grass products to complete a full line up that fit every single needs of the market. 

If you have any further questions regarding how to choose the right product for your application, please feel free to reach us via phone, email or the online form:

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I will personally recommend you to go with the longer and lusher artificial grass to achieve your goal of being as natural as possible. We have artificial turf products designed to be almost perfect replacement of real grass, the best representative is our Super Natural series, you can choose from either 80 oz or 60 oz version of it. 

To learn more about our different artificial grass lines, please visit this link:

Or if you need further help on choosing and getting our artificial grass products, you can always reach us via phone, email or fill out this online form:

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Most our artificial grass come in a width oa 15’ and the length can be either 75’ or 100’ generally speaking, we do not into the width, but custom cut the length based on the orders. So you can order the turf at 1 foot incremental by 15’, such as 15’ x 1’, 15’ x 2’ all the way to 15’x75’ or 15x100’. You can always reach us by toll free 1 877 796 8897 or fill out this online form if you have any further questions:

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You can use any of our artificial grass product along the poolside. All of our turf designed and made to be suitable for poolside applications. The most common way to have artificial grass along poolside is to design it with a combination of pavers and artificial grass stripes: this is not only beautiful on the appearance, but also very functional. As we all know that there is no way for real grass to survive well along the poolside given the constant traffic with chemicals from the pool water. Artificial grass will be the best green option along the poolside. If for me personally, I will choose artificial turf with shorter blades which will still look good when traffics matted down the fibers.


We do offer nails and glues through our distributors/dealers as we do for our artificial grass products. However, such items don't automatically come with artificial turf purchases, you will need to order them separately. The local distributors/dealers will advise you on what kind and quantities to get when you provide the size of your artificial grass. If you need further help on this, the best way is to fill out the online form and we will get the local distributors/dealers contact you immediately:


You will be able to get our premium artificial grass through our distributors and dealers nationwide. I would not recommend you to provide your address and contact information in the public general Q & A. Please fill out this online form and we will get back to you immediately with contacts of local distributors and dealers near you:

When we get back to you, based on your application and needs, we will be able to make great suggestions on type of premium artificial grass best suitable to your specifics.


Great question! Most of artificial grass sold on Amazon are varieties of smaller sizes and more importantly, such artificial turf products are more of price driven than quality focus! We have found that a lot of sellers on Amazon are selling cheap products lack of good qualities. For general public, unless you have done thorough researches and physically see and feel the turf products, it will be difficult to tell how the qualities of artificial grass vary in many different ways. 

The reality is that you normally won’t get the best quality products at the cheapest prices. Your goal should be getting the best value which means the most reasonable prices at the best product qualities. The low quality products on Amazon won’t last you as long, you might end up to keep buying them from time to time, after a while you will find you have paid a lot of more buying the cheap products repeatedly actually cost you a lot of more. 

I am not saying that there is no good quality artificial grass products available on Amazon, they are more expensive apparently and less appealing to buyers who are more price conscious. Therefore such products tends to be listed as much lower rankings and not easily to pop up when you search artificial grass on Amazon. Many of Global Syn-Turf customers also selling or trying to sell on Amazon, and most of them fall into the category of higher priced with best qualities instead of being low price leaders.  


Yes, the reasons for us to make many different type of synthetic turf are the followings:

1. To fit different budgets: different products come in different pricing and a wider pricing range can offer endusers with different budges.

2. Different areas have different type of grasses in term of colors, shapes, such as Kentucky Blue, St. Augustine, Rye and etc.. We made our artificial turf products in different configurations to best simulate the real grass.

3. To meet different type of application needs: regular lawns, golf putting greens, pets, rooftops, patios, sports and etc..

4. To satisfy special type of requirements, such as temperatures, HOAs, permeabilities, flammabilities, durabilities and etc.


Since a density can refer to many different aspects of artificial grass, I would like just to emphasize on the stitch count to analyze and answer your question  here. Depending on the faceweight and other specifications, each of our product has different stitch count. First, what is the stitch count? 

In artificial grass industry, the stitch count means how many total stitches in a square yard of artificial turf. There are couple of main technical configurations that determine the stitch count for each product: tufting gauge and face weight. The tufting gauge is the distance between stitch rows, we have tufting machines can produce artificial grass with gauges of 1/4", 3/16", 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4". There are not necessarily good or bad of each configurations rather than preferences for specific type of products. For an example, we will use the tighter gauge for putting green products, and wider gauges for sports turf which can take in infills easily. On the face weight, the heavier of a turf the more of stitch counts, simple math.

People can definitely see the differences by looking at the backings of each products on the stitches and stitch gauges, but normally you won't see any differences on the surfaces regardless the tufting gauges.

Even though there is no differences on the appearances of artificial grass with different stitch gauges and face weight, functionalities and usages will be different and can be noticeable: you will find the heavier face weight products standing up better and longer  and less likely to lay down as fast and Easter to get brushed up. 

You can find all the detailed stitch count and tufting gauge information for each of our products from this link:

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Yes, our artificial grass yarns are all engineered to be very durable and for sport applications. When using the artificial turf for valley ball court, you would like to use grass with short blades. If your installation is indoors, I will recommend to use shortest pike turf possible maybe even use putting green products. If the installation is for outdoors, I will recommend to use infills onto the turf. The grass fibers are always durable enough to withstand the volleyball activities.


We will recommend shorter artificial grass as golf putting green fringes. One of my favorite is our StarGrass: this product has excellent price point, and with multiple colors that can easily blend in with any of our putting green colors very well. The height of the grass is about 1”, enough to stop the ball, yet not too tall to be a good fringe. So this is how you picture the entire putting green area: using one of our great putting green product such as Proputt-44, with StarGrass as fringe with minimal 2’ in width, than use regular height artificial turf as general lawn area, you will have great color contracts and multiple layers of overall design. 

You can also use other products such as Trainers Turf, PetTurf (yes, PetTurf) for your gold green fringes. Here are link from where you can find all of above mentioned products:

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Artificial grass from other companies looks shiny for two reasons: the fibers are flat and reflecting lights, also being plastic, the products are shiny to start with. At Global Syn-Turf, our engineers have done a great job to minimize the shiny look, we call it “delustered”! All our our products have delustered yarns which are made with deluster additives so the appearance of the turf is “dull” to start with. More importantly, we make all of our yarns into different shapes instead of being flat, we call that “engineered” blades. Having a shape to the yarn, the lights will be reflected by a “line” rather than a surface, so our artificial grass won’t look shiny or plastic, more like dull looking real grass. 

You can reach us by filling out this online form and we will instruct you on how to get free samples:


Our artificial grass do have non skid backing. When you flip the turf and look at the backing, you can see the stitch knots sticking out of the backing surface which provide great frictions when making contact with other surfaces. 


Yes, our products come in all different colors. You will find certain series have darker green tone to it, some others have lighter shade, and some are mixed with both green and browns to better simulate the real grass. In general, our artificial grass doesn't have one single color, every product has fibers of mixed colors mainly different shade of greens. Most of the products have 4 colors: two different shade of greens and brown and green thatch. Our newest revolutionary product line, SuperNatural series, has more than 8 colors making it the best looking and most realistic artificial product on the market, here is the link to all our product specifications which show different color combinations: artificial-grass-specifications-specs


Installing artificial grass for high traffic area, you always need to be aware that turf will lay down due to the high traffics: most of our products are with engineered blades which provides excellent resiliency and stands up well under normal use, but given excessive traffics, all fibers will eventually lay down. Artificial grass fibers laying down is not necessarily a bad thing or a problem, it is very normal and people need to have a proper expectation for that. If you pay attentions to most sport fields, especially the ones being used on a consistent base, grass fibers will always being down, this is absolutely normal. In short, you can definitely use artificial grass for high traffic area, but you need to have proper expectations of grass fibers being down instead of standing up straight at and after traffic.


Most of our products are ideal for residential applications. It is ultimately your own decisions on how tall or short you prefer and what color blend you like. You can always find every detail of each product on our website, here are some helpful links:

If you have any specific questions regarding your application, the quickest way to reach us is to fill out this form and an expert will get back to you immediately:


There are several factors for people to consider when choosing artificial grass products:

1. Pricing: this is the most important factor for people shopping for artificial grass. Given the fact of artificial turf cost more than real grass, a lot of potential artificial grass buyers are very price concise and always look for the best value available on the marketplace. At Global Syn-Turf, we offer a full range of products priced range from very low to the best you can get.

2. Realistic look and feel: Most of artificial grass users are to replace their real grass lawns with artificial grass, so the realistic look and feel that best simulating the real grass is a factor people are looking at. Our artificial grass offers the most realistic looks and feels in the industry. You can't tell from artificial to real from most of our grass on the ground!

3. Functionalities: People are using artificial grass for specific purposes, either general landscaping, pets, patios, playgrounds, golf or entertaining, our wide range product lines cover them all. You name it and we have it!


It will depend on the face weight of. artificial grass product. On average, a 15’x 20’ piece of turf will weigh between 200 lbs and 300 lbs which ranges face weight from 50 oz to 90 oz.


In general, Global Syn-Turf makes the best artificial grass on the market, period! In order to answer your question more specifically, here are some categories I would like to emphasize:

1. Most realistic grass: Our SuperNatural lines present the best looking/most realistic looking among all. It has many colors and different shapes of fiber in it which simulates the real grass almost perfectly. If the realistic looking is what you are looking for, SuperNatural artificial grass is clearly the best you can find on the market!

2. Best value: Most of our products with faceweight at between 60 and 80 oz. are considered the best value for the buck. For an example, S Blade-66, Riviera Monterey-65, All Natural-75 and etc., these products have a moderest price tag and functions perfectly. 

3. Best priced: Global Syn-Turf-Turf offers some price point products such as S Blade-50, StarGrass, and Riviera Monterey-50. These turf is made of the same fibers as higher configurations with lessor faceweight, we price them very aggressively to meet the customers needs of tight budgets. 

For all detailed products information, please visit this link and click on each product individually:


Our artificial grass comes in as a roll, very much like carpet. Most of our products are 15' wide and 100' long depending on the thickness of the fiber, some of the products are 75' long. At our distribution centers, we are equipped with cutting machines to cut the length per order. So as far as sizes availabilities, it will be the 15' incremental such as 15'x 1', 15'x2' and etc., all the way to 15'x100'. For larger areas, you will need to seam the pieces together by using turf seaming tape and glues which can can find at the following links:


The most realistic looking artificial grass on the market is our SuperNatural series: we have two different configurations on this product line, 60 oz and 80 oz. Both look as natural as it can be, so I personally won't have a preference. However, if budget permits, SuperNatural-80 will be the choice, given the fact of heavier and denser, theoretically will hold up longer. If not, SuperNatural-60 will be just fine, you won't go wrong with either one! Here is the links for both products and specifications:


Eric, you can find specs for S Blade-90 and other products at


Yes, all of our tests on our artificial grass products were conducted by third-party labs based here in the United States, you can always find the details at this link: Once you are on this page, make sure to click on each individual product, and you will be able to see all the testing information for that particular product. To give you a brief summary:

1. Lead and heavy metal testing is done by Xenco Laboratories and TraceAnalysis.

2. Total/Faceweight testing is done by Testing Services Inc.

3. Flammability testing is done by Testing Services Inc.

4. Water Permeability testing is done by Testing Services Inc.

5. G-Max fall rating testing is done by Testing Services Inc.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to fill up this online form, and we will get the information back to you immediately:


The first product I recommend is our High Sierra, you can find the details at this link: This is a product with color very close to St. Augustine grass, with very tall fibers and super fluffy. 

If you prefer shorter and less dense products, our two other Sierra Series products also come in with similar colors: Sierra Super-94 and Sierra Pro-70. Both of these products are not necessarily with short blades, but just being shorter than the High Sierra. You won't go wrong with anyone of these. Here are the links:

My second recommendation will be our Riviera Monterey Series. We have three different configurations on this series, from less expensive to higher-priced: Riviera Monterey 50, 65 and 84. Here are the links to all three products:

Color wise, in my opinion, the Sierra Series is closer. Please feel free to fill out our online form so we can make arrangement to get samples to you.


There many artificial grass products on the market, being an industry leader, Global Syn-Turf's products have the following advantages over the competitions:

1. Most innovative products: Global Syn-Turf is leading the way on artificial turf innovations by pioneering engineered blades to better turf products' durability and functionality. In key aspects of turf specs such as resiliency, being cool, environmentally friendly and being lead and heavy metal contents free, Global Syn-Turf also leads the way.

2. Best valued products: Given the fact of superior quality, our products priced very competitively in the market place offering our customers and consumers the best value available. 

3. Highest quality with the best warranty in the industry.

4. Simply looking at the products by themselves might not provide an entire picture, like any other products, to evaluate a company and their products, we would like to combine the products' pricing, quality, availability, and service. On top of competitive pricing and best quality, Global Syn-Turf also offers the largest inventory in the world with distribution centers throughout the United States. There are no other companies in the industry are remotely close to being a true competition of Global Syn-Turf.

5. Artificial grass products were designed and manufactured with specific applications in mind at Global Syn-Turf. We have wide varieties of turf designs specifically for landscape, sports, pets, golfing, patios, rooftops, drought areas, warm and wet areas and etc., you won't find such product selections from any other competitions on the marketplace.

6. Our services are second to none in the industry: We have products available customers can pick up the same day they place their orders. Being the largest turf customer to many logistic companies, we have the best transportation services you can find: all of our orders to be shipped on the same day. 


Our team is updating all turf product specifications and testing data on a consistent basis. Given the facts of adding new products, discontinuing old products, and time required for testing to be done, some information might not be immediately available, However, it is a good idea that always to contact us directly here at the website or via phone or email should you need any specific information that not found on our website, and we will be more than happy to help.

For all the missing information as of now, we estimate to have everything updated within next 4-5 weeks.


We do have two type of artificial grass that look like Rye: S Blade series and Olive, to be more specific, S Blade-50, a cheaper turf, lighter on face weight, a great value; S Blade-66, one of the most realistic artificial grass out there, the face weight is right about the same as natural grass. S Blade-90, the premium product with the heaviest face weight, very dense and flush, cost more than the other two S Blade products. 

The other product that looks like Rye in color is Olive-92Stemgrass: this is a turf that fiber has a spine in it and the color looks extremely close to Rye. 

Both product lines come in with wider fibers, and we consider both turf as our flagship products.


It is a very question. Most of the real natural grass' face weight is right about 60 oz., hopefully this can help you to make up your mind: All of Global Syn-Turf's products ranging from 50 oz to 90 oz. resembles the natural grass look very well, one advantage of having higher face weight is that the grass will standing up better and technically last longer.


My suggestion will be GST's Emerald-92Stemgrass. You can find the details on this particular turf at this link:

It is a premium grade artificial grass product with very high face weight, extremely dense. The color is very close to Kentucky Bluegrass, and will last a long time. 


We have two different artificial putting green products on couple of Mr. Langer's properties: Pro Putt-44 and Putt-60BiColor. Both products are fantastic at professional grades, you can't go wrong with ether one. Here are the link for these two product:


The difference is in specs. Super Natural 60 has a shorte pile height of 1.77 inches compared to 1.97 inches for Super Natural 80. It's also less dense - 60 ounces per square yard. Super Natural 80 naturally has 80 ounces in face weight. Otherwise, the quality, colors, blades, and other characteristic are the same. You can ask our installers to bring samples so that you can feel and see a difference for yourself. 

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