If I have a sand infill artificial grass, will it get in the house?

| Feb 11 8:49 AM

I want a clutter-free space and I don't want sand infill especially in the house.

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This is a good question, the answer is NO: the sands infills on the artificial grass won't get in the house. On average, we suggest to use 2 lbs of infills per square foot on artificial turf, once infills applied onto the artificial grass surface with proper brushing, the sands will find its way to the bottom of the artificial grass, you will not see them or feel them once infill is done. So when you are walking on the infilled artificial grass surface, you will not make contacts with the infill sands, and they will get in the house. 

Feb 12
Nice to know that infills won't make any mess! Muds in my shoes and dirt inside our house are my pet-peeve. Ugh. Artificial turfs are lifesavers!
Feb 13
That's good to know. I was afraid to go to an newly installed artificial grass before because I thought that the sand will stick to my butt and hands if I sit on it.
Feb 14
Artificial grass saves me time. Not like in natural grass where I need mowing, raking, cleaning or watering twice or thrice a week! A very good asset.
Feb 16
Great information! I was thinking it might get to the house because of strong winds, but great to know that's impossible.

Well, people have bad experiences of getting the crumb rubber infills into the house after playing on artificial grass surfaces. We don't recommend using crumb rubbers infills on all of our turf product installations, so you will never need to worry about getting it in the house. Sands will be sank in the bottom of the turf after the installation, makes no contact with your shoes.


We have interviewed so many artificial grass end users and have never had issues with the infill sand gets in the house.

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