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I have two little dogs, is your Pet Turf the best choice?

George Turk | Dec 12, 2019 7:57 AM

I live in a town house with a tiny yard, want to put a piece of artificial grass turf in there. I have two little dogs, and have been looking at your Pet Turf, is this product my best bet?

2 Answers

Yes, Pet Turf will be our top recommendation for your application! This artificial grass come in with special design fiber forming a "U" shape which is very durable and help the flow of dog's urine as well. Being an unique fiber design, this turf also looks natural as its "U" shaped blades reflect light differently than a flat surface. Most impartially, this Pet Turf has a great drainage system, it drains more than 12 feet of water per hour! Besides durability and drainage, we have made this product short and dense which not only make it easy on your dogs' feet, but also make extreme easy when it comes to clean it. We recommend to use our deodorizer to spray down the area whenever necessary, you can fined the details on the spray product by clinking on this link:

Simply attach it to a regular garden hose, and spray! It gives a fresh lawn smell and sweep away the dog smells!

I have paid closed attentions to their products, I think the grass fiber for pet turf and U Blade are the same.
I am considering the Pet Turf for mine.
Star Grass works for me, and it is cheap.
Our Pet Turf is one of the most popular products along east coast, people loves it.
I think any artificial is easier and better than the real grass, just my personal opinion.
I have RM 84 in my yard, this turf is tall and dense works just fine for my two dogs, no complains.
I think the turf being short to make it easier to pick up the dog sh*t.
I don't have any dogs, I can care less. I like the taller turf though.
I think all their products are ok for pet.
I have the Sierra Pro-70, works fine for my dogs.
I will go with Pet Turf as I would think they design and make it for that particular purpose.
I have Riviera-50 with three dogs, no problem so far.
You can go with any of our turf product for your little dogs in state of Florida, they all works just fine.
I personally think the short version of artificial grass is better for dogs. However, in cold weather, the short fiber turf can be a bit stiff for little dogs. Depends on where you live, warm states won't be an issue at all.
I remember seeing this kind of dog spray in Home Depot
I was told by the store that I pretty much can use any artificial grass as they are all good with dogs, I hope that is the case.
Well said.

I used one of the regular turf called S Blade-90, and works for both of my dogs: one lab and one puddle!