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What is an engineered blade?

Ava Stevens | Dec 18, 2019 1:51 AM

1 Answer

Artificial grass engineered blades are the invention of Global Syn-Turf! We are the first manufacturer to bring engineered blades into the market: That is why we have named a lot of our products with the names of the blades, such as S Blade, U blade, W Blade and etc. 

Instead of having the artificial grass blades flat, we have made them into different shapes, to name a few as "S", "W", "U", double "W", double "S", "Hollow" and etc., once blades being made with different shapes, we call them "Engineered". 

What are the benefits of engineered blades?

1. Engineered blades reflect light differently than a regular flat blade: instead of reflecting lights from a flat surface, engineered blades reflect lights from a line or a point. Visually, the overall appearance of the lawn will be less "shinny" and more realistic. And the turf itself will absorb less heat so it won't get as hot as a flat fiber!

2. Engineered blades will help the turf to stand up better! law of physics: imagine how a straw can stand up batter than a flat sheet! The trick is how to make these artificial grass with engineered blades but still provide excellent feels to the touch which Global Syn-Turf's engineers have done a great job with. Our engineered blades are the very original in the marketplace, and still the best your can find!

My Sierra Super 94 has a diamond shape to it.
I am leaning toward either U blade or W blade products.
In my opinion, the Double W turf stands up really well, a bit stiff though.
I have the Cashmere 70, it is diamond shaped, very soft.
I think there are many knockoffs of Global Syn-Turf's products with engineered blades, but not sure how good they are though.
I have the double S shape.
The explanations make a lot of sense to me.
I saw other companies have similar products, I guess they might buy from GST.
I have the Trainers Turf and it is a turf with a spine in it.
I have the turf called High Sierra, it is also a Diamond shaped product.
I like how my U shaped grass standing up really well.
I have the RM 84 and I think it is a M shaped or W shaped.
I think the U shaped is the best, just a personal opinion.
I have the W shaped.
I got the Sierra Pro 70 turf, and I believe it is a diamond shaped grass.
Well said, William.
Being the inventor of engineered blade in the industry, we are miles ahead of our competitions.
I think now other companies are copying your products.
Good knowledge to have.
I got the Cashmere-70, I think it is also diamond shaped.
I got the Cashmere-40, and I think it is a "diamond" shape.
Very educational.
Today, all artificial grass from Global Syn-Turf is made from Engineered blades!